A subscrição básica na Music2Deal é totalmente grátis. Mas você pode desfrutar as vantagens de uma subscrição Premium Membership, seja comprando Créditos, ou convidando seus amigos para participarem na Music2Deal.

Features Básica Premium Premium Plus Premium Executive
CADASTRE-SE Via Upgrade Via Upgrade Via Upgrade
mensalmente, 100 Créditos = 1,00 USD
grátis 500 Créditos 1500 Créditos 2500 Créditos
Maximum number of music offers
1 5 25 50
Maximum number of wants
10 20 50 100
Message System
Send messages to anyone on Music2Deal
The position of your profile, offers and wants in search results
Normal Ranking Good Ranking Top Ranking Best Ranking
Matching your profile, offers and wants to the ones of other users
Limited *
Show users who liked your profile
Limited *
Show last visitors
Limited *
Premium search
Get up to 5 more search filters
Premium Icon
Special icon on your profile, in search results and Top 5
Save interesting users and music offers as favorites
Included with each music offer
Statistics for your profile
Select which member can send messages and friendship requests to you depending on the kind of their business
Visible state
The ability to show your music and wants only to your business friends
Friend Filter
This filter helps you to organize your network
CADASTRE-SE Via Upgrade Via Upgrade Via Upgrade

Limited * = Only the first two members will be displayed completely. Others will be shown without picture and their profile will not be linked.