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With his incredible voice, one great sensitivity and one irresistible emotional power, Sheryl Gambo was revealed in 1996 by memorable vocal performances within the framework of the Panafrican Festival of music (FESPAM) at the sides of famous artists such as Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita, Ismael Lo… This talented artist bathed in the music since his tender youth. After having lent his voice to some choral societies and to other groups of Gospel, it was lead vocal of Majestic Bamba, an orchestra of young people passionate about music at Brazzaville. It’s his collaboration with independent label DEE SOUL IN TOWN which allows her to reveal his mixed musical universe through his first album LEMOYASSA (Let’s initially stop!) Put on the market in 2008. This album marked the true beginning of his career with two golden drums the same year (in categories of discovery and musical originality). In the tread, she was selected for the finale of the 2008’s awards of “Discovery RFI (French International radio)” where she arrived in second position on more than 300 candidates. In September 2012, she put on the market a second album entitled” Edy tia mboa” which means “It is in the village”. With titles going from makossa to the jazz while passing by the reggae, soul, blues, and a mixing of sonorities between african tradition and modernism, this second album, true research task, revealed once more all the extent of its talent. Well received by the critics, his second album allowed her to earn a third golden drum (in the category mixed music) in 2012. This album had pride of place during Basango Jazz Festival 2012 (December) at Point-Noire where Sheryl was one of the heads of poster. Sheryl Gambo collaborated with several artists in the framework of featuring and for humanitarian. She accompanied the French crew of Rap Biso na Biso in its round in Congo-Brazzaville. We all remember his collaboration within the framework of a song, sponsored by the United Nations, for peace and the development with the rappor Passi, Jacob Desvarieux (Kassav), Yousoupha, Fally Ipupa… his duets with Ben-J of Neg marrons, Tonton Ben, Freddy Massamba…or its commitment, with United Nations Populations Fund, to increasing the involvement of women in electoral process, with his song “Telema !” (Stand up!). She electrified Madagascans fans (in 2008), Germans (Berlin) in 2009, Brazilians (Copa Cabana) in 2011… Sheryl was one of attractions of the world Festival of black arts of Dakar (Senegal), in 2010, where all the world stars of black and mixed music had met. Very appreciated by South-African Medias, she also carried out a strong performance with his style, his presence, and his distinctive interpretations at the “Etonnants Voyageurs” Festival (Astonishing Travellers) in February 2013 and at Katara Afrikaans Festival (Qatar) in April 2013. The same year, before ensuring an epic concert in the 2013’s edition (in July) of Panafrican Festival of music (FESPAM), she was honored, by the Congolese ministry of the culture and arts, by a distinction of excellence of arts and letters for his contribution to the spreading of the Congolese culture. Sheryl develops an authentic and eclectic style, NEW AFRO SOUL, ignoring current musical landscape. His style wants to be a restoration of natural footbridges between African cultural inheritance with that of AfroAmericans, indies, Latin and besides diasporas. She agreeably mixes melodies resulting from African tradition with jazzy arrangements, soul, decorated with R&B and HIP HOP, by making the choice to sing in the languages of Congo: mbochi and lingala… in addition of English and French.

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