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30+ years of experience working within the events, hospitality and music industry. During this time, he has connected with a range of industry contacts and has been involved in the setting up and running of successful music festivals. His expertise ranges from event and music event planning, venue construction, and operations management, through to live event marketing and promotions. He is an innovator and explorer of new ideas with experience and connections in the field of affiliate and other marketing.

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Our mission is to help all musicians get their music out there and heard by people wanting to discover new music from smaller independent artists. We want to create ‘fair play’ for music through a sustainable community music ecosystem. One that benefits content providers and their supporters more – the songwriters, musicians and promoters. We are looking for collaboration with all parts of the Music Industry and have designed our Platform so we don't conflict with other businesses, but offer an extra set of tools for helping the Industry and Musicians - lots of information about this on our site We have a unique revenue model that is better than streaming, and means that Listeners as well as all parts of the Music Industry can also be paid for promoting Music, Merchandise, Services etc