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Music Producer
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Unclassifiable   Indie   Gospel & Religious   Classical   Folk   Experimental  

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RESUME OF PRASANNA.C.RAMASWAMY. Career Objective: To render my experience and knowledge in the assigned role for the optimization of productivity of the organization, and myself thus ensuring a mutually rewarding and recognizing environment. Personality: A highly creative, innovative enthusiastic, optimistic individual with many fields of interest, one who loves to face challenge and develop freely for a life full of success, stimulation and experiences. Career Summary: A graduate in science with over 20 years of experience in the field of Advertising, Sales and Marketing. In-depth Knowledge about Advertising, Media, Corporate Communications. Proven Leadership Skills with relevant experience in Indian Media & Entertainment Industry with Patent Pending Innovations in Business Processes. Seasoned sales & marketing professional who has in-depth knowledge of various Business Methods and Processes. Ability to handle business operations independently.

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Ananyalokam stands for the oneness of everything. It is thriving to compile the many folkways of fulfilling one’s aspirations to make the purpose of life a cherish able way. In doing so it looks forward to your cooperation all the way. The products and services offered by is a result of exhaustive research carried out by our team in Indian Puranas or scriptures. Though we are unable to offer guarantee on the efficacy of its result, as there is no system to measure one’s Shraddha (Descipline), Bhakti (Devotion), Karma, Knowledge and Prapthy (Destiny) of an individual. The user of this website is advised to know that its validity has to be inferred by its survival of time unknown to present day mankind. If one does not agree to this statement, he is advised not to utilize any of the services offered by us. We solely believe in the existence of the creator and his creation and nothing in this world is an accident.