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Releases: All my recorded music is Engineered by Grammy Nominated Mr. Peter Granet. We share the producers. 2020 Tokyo - Due to Covid - 19 March concerts postponed. Japan Tour - Muza Kawasaki Assembly Room - Intimate performances and Live recordings - to release a Limited Edition Phonograph Record. From March 8th to March 18th, I am in Japan with my producer/engineer Peter Granet. On March 12th, 13th, and 14th, over the course of 3 days, I will do 6 shows in an acoustically designed fine art venue. New Release CD, 3rd. “Alone in a Crowd” - August 2019, Record 10 new pieces at Village Studios in Los Angeles, Mastering with Bernie Becker. Presently doing the J-Card for early 2020 release. Release CD, 2nd. “Forget-Me-Not, Blue” - “Official Nomination” for title track in the Classical/Orchestral. Top 10 for 3 months and Top 100 for 6 months. Receives 19-5 Star reviews, Pick of the Week (CT.) and CD of the Week in The Netherlands. Numerous accolades, artist features, editorials, widespread global radio airplay. Recorded as solo piano, with a live string trio on select pieces and the addition of a spoken word "Humanitarian" statements featuring the spoken words of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Release 1st. ”Lullaby of Love," was recorded Live in the studio in 8 hours, and direct to Master, in Audiophile. Thirteen (13) solo piano compositions. Rating a global Debut of #3 for 2 months then a #4, a Top 10 for 3 months, and Top 100 for 5 months. Released in the Contemporary instrumental genre. Background: Formal classical training began at the age of seven in association with the Brandon, Manitoba Conservatory of Music, studying the Western Board method. Teachers and parents kept me focused, which helped me win first-place and honors awards in classical competitions. Recognition as a gifted young pianist with a special touch. Playing saxophone in the city high school band and oboe in the city orchestra also expanded my musical horizons Receive special funding to attend private music school in Los Angeles. Dick Groves School of Music 1982 -1985, studied song writing, Big Band Jazz, Ensemble and up to 72 pieces Orchestra, writing the “20 styles of American Sound,” familiar in entertainment. Required to write a chart weekly with live musicians and recordings. This became my solid foundation to build on… cultivate contacts in the entertainment industry. In 1987, I started performing my original music as a solo pianist and built that to 4 times a week, with VIP engagements, Hollywood Walk of Fame star inauguration for Director Norman Jewison. Production music with an in home studio, writing for Film/TV in a variety of genres. Move to France… Provence, during the mid 1990s, establish myself as an artist performing my music, resulted in numerous concert dates, billed as, “La passion d’un romantique.” My two-year on and off stay in France, also garnered praise from various arts sources and critics and included consultations with several influential people in the world of European music, and retain business contacts in France. Returning to the US in 1997, I once again took on some writing projects. Private instruction with the esteemed Dr. Yakov Birman from Russia's St. Petersburg Conservatory in The Art of Performance. Mr. Birman instructed the importance and to be aware of every note before it is played. Classical study focused on J.S. Bach (Sinfonien), Chopin (Paderewski Nocturnes & Studies), Haydn Operas (Samtliche Klaviersonaten) and Czerny.

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Wish 4 Music Publishing (ASCAP) - Musicians Local 47 Los Angles Canadian composer, Nominated recording artist, Evan is a formally trained classical pianist and recording artist with international recognition. Residing in Los Angeles and France. With more than 35 years in the field of music, my resume now encompasses Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia with performances and writing credits in a variety of genres and styles. A career providing music services for the Theatre, Ballet, Children’s Music, Film & TV, recording artist, performer of original music as a solo pianist. Attended the prestigious Dick Grove School of Music, mentored by the top-working composers in the entertainment industry. Advanced training in contemporary composition and the “20 styles of the American Sound.” Composing, arranging, orchestrating and conducting, with live musicians in 22 Big Band Jazz, 38 piece mixed ensembles, and up 72 piece orchestras, graduated at 25. Mentored by the renowned Dr. Yakov Birman of the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 2001-2003 in the, “Art of Performance.” Music releases featuring the Solo Piano, “Lullaby Of Love” and “Forget-Me-Not, Blue” and upcoming “Alone in a Crowd in early 2020. Music Genres: Contemporary Classical, Contemporary Instrumental, Classical, New Age. Meets clearance requirements for the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office and all regulations for Canadian Content Film and Television Productions.