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Kentaro Nagata musician/engineer/composer Make electronic music,pop music,experimental music. improvisation with guitar / laptop / synthesizer, rock band / hip hop band, and many others appear. [elect-low] ["Distilled (sound)"] presided over. As a live engineer / recording engineer / mastering engineer, participate in festivals, live houses, projects. As a composer / engineer, he also handles corporate advertisement, theater, movies and dance performances. Participated in Noguchi of XU / XU, a modular synth player 100 take, a light and sound feedback unit using laser / strobe / video noise, "Light Source Definitions”, synthesizer trio's "SNH" (straytone + ken horiguchi + kentaro nagata),Mixed amorphous explosive Progressive rock orchestra "MUSQIS",Tabletop Guitars playing on tabletop guitars,UnU with MIko meditations artist , "Il Offre Sa Confiance Et Son Amour" with Mehata Sentimental Legend of Gaiamamoo,Technopop duo ”Frasco” engineer. Performing mainly in Japan and Europe and Asia. ————————————————— Part of the works Kentaro Nagata (Have a nice) Flight 20 January 2011 Haino Keiji + MUSQIS SDRSW-41 20 July 2018 Light Source Definitions 18 December 2018 Frasco viewtiful 19 March 2017 Il Offre Sa Confiance Et Son Amour MDM Communications GJ-039 6 March 2013 Kentaro Nagata Tonight,tonight,tonight. 1 April 2011 Various Artists "+M+I+K+U+" (FSAL未空庵 3CD limited 100) released in 2013 YOSHIMOTO Yumiko (guitar) + NAGATA Kentaro (guitar) 26 April 2013 Part of the tours Denmark 28 February 2018 Puri India ODISHA JAPAN FESTIVAL 28 February 2018 Malaysia February 2018 Republic of Singapore February 2018 Sendai Japan Sendai mediatheque front with TurnAround October 2018 Tohoku Japan UnU/cinnabom(sugar plant) February 2017 Paris France March 2016 ————————————————————

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