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Publisher   Music Producer   Remixer & Studio   Songwriter  
Indie   World   Experimental   Easy Listening   Unclassifiable   Children's Music   Soundtrack   Instrumental  

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Howard Lipp has 42 years experience as producer, engineer, songwriter, recording artist, and seasoned session keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist and is capable of assimilating and creating any music style instantaneously.This coupled with extensive sound design, engineering, production, programming expertise and innate digital wizardry and analog alchemy allow him to deliver stellar finished product, on time and within budget. in 2000 Howard formed what is now Axis Mundi Entertainment. Howard is dedicated to bringing healing music to the world in many styles. His delightful personality and peaceful demeanor have profoundly positive effects on the work passing through our doors and the people who work with him.

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Axis Mundi Entertainment is a music production company with studios for creation and recording and a catalog of music and can create music on demand. We record, produce and master music of many genres. We also have music available for licensing.