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Music Producer  

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I'm a composer, sound engineer and music producer.I like a variety of all kinds of music mainly Hip Hop,Pop,R&B, R&B/Soul Contemporary R&B Disco Doo Wop Funk Modern Soul Motown Neo-Soul Northern Soul Psychedelic Soul Quiet Storm Soul Soul Blues Southern Soul Reggae, and i'm always looking around the mainstream while making new Instrumentals .I have been presently successful on Hip Hop R&B pop & Trap Instrumental music in the Under Ground market for 3 years now and i want my songs & Instrumentals to be purchase, heard & well known all over market not to mention the world as well.

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Copyright © 2014 3DK productions: Underground is a term that refers to various subcultures that purposely stray and stay away from mainstream. In hip hop, alternative rap is a genre that refuses to conform to the stereotypes of the established musical cues to be Instrumentals and radio-friendly and feed the well-oiled music industry machine, reinforcing the formulaic mechanism. Like almost everything else, the lines are never as clear as they may seem and there is an eternal blurring, mixing and crossing of the ‘established’ boundaries. As such, we may also hope that a good underground video may achieve commercial success on its own merit and not because it was solely commercially-minded to begin with. This list is thus a representation of the best of this self-proclaimed underground movement and an alternative to a list of what might be on everyone’s ready-made answers in terms of best Instrumental . My mere wish is that my familiarity and awareness in the matter will perhaps serve to broaden your music horizon.