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Music Producer
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Agencies & Brands   Artist   A&R   Distribution   Film/TV   Business Services   Promotion   Gaming   Digital & Mobile   Composer   Media   Songwriter  

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I am a passionate music producer and songwriter who specialises in creating songs in a vast range of genres. From Hip Hop to Pop, Dubstep, R&B, Dance, Reggae and Rock.

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“I Believe in The Future of The Music Industry Because its Benefits will Attract Positive People To Make Positive Music, Even Though its Somewhat Oversaturated it Will One Day be Predominantly a Way Out and a Freedom of Expression” The personal philosophy that led to the formation of a multitude of creative endeavours and this website, started with a keen musical interest and education consisting of a Music Technology qualification combined with practical and experimental approach, later this was developed through academic work and via live acoustic instrument recording, this transported O'nair Beats from an interested student to a dynamic producer with a unique holistic approach to music production techniques and projects. This has manifested itself as an intriguing and curious but relentless thirst to find out how a seed of inspiration becomes a masterpiece, and in particular observing the production techniques of inspirational mentors such as Scott Storch and Timbaland to Jermaine Dupri, an incredibly optimistic perspective in the face of hostile and competitive industry, including overcoming a few personal reservations along the way. The quest extends wider to analysing why and how these worldwide hit makers create the universal appeal that music which influences people regardless of culture and irrespective of geographic or physical boundaries. The concept of universal appeal through music has been explored and inspired many projects, but never has it instructed creativity that envelops the listener with an energy that captures the full range of human emotion and can also be as subtle and underlying as music itself. As a prescriptive media the art of producing music comes at a natural process beginning with either the melody or the drum pattern, utilising intuitive production styles, Ramon brings an innovative and high quality feel to tracks where industry standards have been lowering in attempts to increase profits and access markets. Through continuous effort to improve and accelerate the creative process, Ramón’s signature style is described as an aural demonstration of authentic passion. It’s transparent and therefore creates an undeniable truth, by absorbing all the influential environmental forces and filtering them through a balance of creative and functional production. Perfecting the use of these forces will continue to motivate and evolve and will therefore remain an infinite supply of musical inspiration. Written by Onike Joseph