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Nigel is a songwriter, drummer, backing singer and audio technician, and is currently working both as a professional performer and as a studio-based sound designer. He is equally at home creating music and audio for multimedia and picture (signature music, orchestral overtures and jingles, identity music, voice-overs, sound tracks and sonic brand triggers), as he is writing and producing original music for his solo or group songwriting projects. During a long career, spanning three decades, he has created music and sound tracks for a wide range of business and media clients, including the launch of a sports car for a major car company and a magazine cover promo CD with strongly-themed music and effects for one of the world’s leading computer games manufacturers. His long experience as a performer has given him a colourful palette of musical styles from which to draw inspiration. Nigel has worked as drummer and backing singer for numerous original and covers bands, and is currently engaged with two professional groups from Mid- and North-Wales, as well as a long-standing folk-dance band from the south of England. In 1997, he formed a project band called Darwyn to showcase his songwriting skills, and co-wrote and produced their first album, A Catalogue of Mysteries. Most of Nigel's work is in the medium of English, but he has been studying Welsh since 2001. Some of his work is lodged with the BBC Music Library. Nigel is a member of The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, and of The Welsh Music Foundation (stakeholder). Early in 2012 Nigel began recording and producing girl group Not Completely Blonde Also collaborating with David Clutton on contemporary pop power ballads.

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ScorpioSongs is the recording studio and publisher of Nigel's music and that of other unsigned talent. From the hillside barn studio in Mid Wales, comes music and sound design, crafted to add value to product/service based businesses.