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Name:Shane Zoe Blue Baroness of Gleichen Artist: Shane Zoe - musician, presenter, press, trainer, security specialist I'm Shane Zoe Blue B. of Equals, But my friends call me Shane Zoe. What exactly do I do? What are my motives? What drives me and why do I do so much different things? All this I will arrive here "shortly". I am an open, witty - with rather black humour, flexible, ambitious woman and therefore have several - sometimes very different projects. • On the one hand, I am an artist and i do music, write lyrics - sing - produce, create cover art/artwork, advertising, etc. I write songs (which are mostly about the more serious side of life. For example, child poverty, (self-explanatory) violence – a song about violence against fellow human beings due to differences.Why – a song about abuse and many more. Of course I also have love songs, e.g. Stern - a song 2 in love. All these songs and many more, are on the german-pop album "Experience Moments" released in 2013. In 2019 I released the album "Inspiration", they are my own musical masterpieces. Mostly it's instrumentals where I experimented with the music genres. At short notice, the Wave/Gothic song "Association" changes into gentle pop. Other songs combine dubstep with playful melodies, hip-hop style with 80s synth pop, etc. After there is another album with these songs in Kombi. with my lyrics, I serve all my fans equally. Those who "only" love my music, with the album "Inspiration" and those who love my lyrics and my voice, with the upcoming album "xy" 😜 Through the album, as well as my V-blogs, one became aware of my voice and so I have since been booked as a voice/language model for e.g. various announcement texts, AB's etc. for companies, practices. Also I have an album on the market, (Miss ShazMo - The First) which represents musical masterpieces for advertising, shows and the like. I found the producer and the order about this, me. Since I wanted to move more, I am also a "free press"Active. Here you get more background information and you can get the "truth, the experience, facts, stories, stories..." Spread. Therefore, I do a lot of research, recessions, reports, articles, V-blogs, interviews with artists, people of all kinds, or anything that interests me in any way / fascinates / addresses or uncovered /said. On request I also work as a ghostwriter, or offer tips for greeting cards, work certificates, applications, etc.... (includes everything to do with writing and marketing) In addition, i can be found at events, trade fairs, events not only as a journalist or reporter, no, you can also book me as a presenter. This job branch also gives me a lot of pleasure. It is fun to introduce the people or products and yes, to sell / market to the spectators / listeners. In doing so, the audience will travel with them, to include them. So I also got offers in the jury area or as co-moderator and artist supervisor at radio stations. The collaboration with NewcomerFM was also created, where I worked as editor-in-chief of the magazine. I was asked to create my own blog, as well as keep a public diary in which I write all thoughts, experiences, tips, industry info, etc. Everything I write / reports, I do in my own but fully authentic, open/honest style. I don't care if some people feel kicked in the slips or not, if it's the truth. I write what I can justify for myself and this is sometimes cynical. Later the magazine added the column "V-Block", here it is about more "positive via good news" in life, as well as more special ones like the "music oracle" or "Shane Zoe's life wisdom" It is very important to me to continue my education, so I attended many seminars, courses, distance studies (see LinkedIn service profile) as well as "Diploma in online marketing", NLP, recognizing body languages, hypnosis therapy, rhetoric and much more. so I also completed my psychology degree in 2017 and deepened it into child psychology.  Since I used to work as a communication & motivation coach, I now connect these elements with each other. Let's face it, can psychology be separated from communication /motivation (if it is supposed to be a really effective, good coaching / training / psychotherapy)? Doesn't it belong together? I think so. So I don't offer psychotherapy, but offer the 3elements united as a trainer around life. Since I myself am a spiritual person who is very attached to it and makes use of it, I also offer spiritual and holistic consultations. I also work as a spiritual consultant or psychological coach on some well-known online platforms. The next job is again quite the opposite. As SZ-Security, I am your security specialist for ALL cases. I have the 34a certificate of expertise, expertise, a service card, a company liability, my own equipment and the will to work for the safety, protection and fairness of everything and everyone. I own my own equipment because I also run a small "all in one store" online store. In this shop, everyone will definitely find something, whether for themselves, technology, jewelry, household, musical instruments or for their pet. Sooo, that's a little insight into who I am, what I'm doing and why. Everything about my background knowledge / certificates – diplomas, all listed here and further links you can find on my HP: or search for Shane Zoe's world All love and good, your Shane Zoe

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Name:Shane Zoe Blue Baroness of Gleichen Artist: Shane Zoe - musician, presenter, press, trainer, security specialist my Youtube channel: