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My name is Tlhoni "Hibrid the Element" Dietsiso, a young, creative and reserved music producer/artist/sound engineer from the Free State in South Africa. I love exploring music in all its forms and genres. Right now, I am looking to explore any projects with international artists or producers in order to sharpen my skill as well as learn valueable insights into how different artists and producers work from the different countries of the world. The aim being to not enrich myself and the potential people looking to work with me, but to also put my country on the international map in terms of musical performance and appeal.

Company profile

HiBRID is the Brainchild of myself Tlhoni Dietsiso, which aims to encorporate different artists and sounds with the ultimate aim of creating a brand which offers the listeners and fans of music as a whole, a sound that is not just centralized around one "popular" sound which often lacks longevity and variety, but a wholesome, thought provoking and uplifting sounds which would not only be relevant in years to come, but also will allow artists to explore their own potential in different parts of the world with their voices or production.