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Kinde began his artistic career at a very early age, playing and singing in amateur bands from different Community Art Centres of Havana, where he outstood through his fresh performances spiced by a rich fusion of musical elements and rhythms. During these years, he has been supported by prestigious figures from the Cuban culture such as Vicente Feliú, Jose Luis ‘El Tosco’ Cortés or Juan Antonio Leyva, music producer of the soundtrack for the film Habana Blues, by Spanish filmmaker Benito Zambrano. He has performed along with acts such as Ismael Serrano, Kiko Veneno (Spain), Alejandro Filio (Mexico), Victor Víctor (Dominican Republic), and Donato Poveda, Santiago Feliú, Frank Delgado, Gerardo Alfonso, Marta Campos, Liuba María Hevia, Sara González, Gema y Pavel (Cuba); just to mention a few. Since the singer/songwriter’s work is fusion-oriented, it has led him to participate in several projects along with Afro-Cuban folklore groups such as Vocal Baobab, Cuban National Folklore Company and with successful Cuban rock bands such as Cosa Nostra, Monte de Espuma and Mezcla. His creative experience has not been limited to the stage, and his musical interests have led him to compose for radio and television, as well as for ads and documentaries. Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark and the UK have added to Kinde’s music, mainly Spain, where the music heritage has been boosted and reaffirmed. The exchange has also given him the possibility of engaging in alternative scenes, where his music has begun to be known.

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