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Marco Da Veiga, born in Norway, but from the Cape Verde Islands located in West Africa, is the people’s man. His contributions were born out of a childhood marked by harassment and discrimination. As a child his identity as a born fighter, was indelibly imprinted upon his character. As the young Marco Da Veiga matured he would tirelessly fight for the rights of his friends and family against the forces of hate and intolerance. Marco would evolve into the leader, mentor and visionary he was born to be. In his youth Marco marched through mental hell, but as he would remark later “Thanks to GOD, who carried me through with HIS ARM - I prevailed". Marco is a Man of Love with the high morality, ethical certainty and universal life values that mark his revolutionary mind and the very Spiritual aspects of his life and nature - Indeed this makes him a very special person in a time of moral change and cultural upheaval. In a time of misunderstood and frequently failed attempts to justify a multi-cultural society, tilted unfairly against the poor and disenfranchised of said society. Marco shows himself to be a very serious man as he takes the sorrow and pain of the oppressed and transforms them through positivity of his creative mind, into a war cry for equal rights, justice and freedom for all. Marco is indeed a people's man Thru his personal muses of Father Bernardino Da Veiga, Bob Marley and the immortal Jesus Christ, not to mention 2Pac among others... Marco began his movement by founding his own organization "Youth United" after a brief apprenticeship in African Youth in Norway. Mr. Marco Mota Da Veiga has been quoted as saying in reference to "Youth United" Youth United is the future". He is still a man and lives in the world of men and unfortunately even for the gifted, things end. After a valiant effort, the survival of Youth United could not be included in the coming maturation of Mr. Marco Mota Da Veiga and sadly was laid to rest with the sorrow and anguish. Fortunately the demise of Youth United was the resurrection of Marco's true calling - his musical vision. At the age 15 Marco began to communicate his message through the medium of rap and freestyle lyricism. Marco, in the rougher sections of the city of Oslo, honed and perfected his kraft. By the age of 17, Marco's blessing and multitude of talent where to large developed to ignore. His observations of world stresses and problems reflected in and on the streets of Oslo Norway, combined with his other world wide travels, and at this impressionable age fostered his commitment and love of the "mission" as he himself terms it. His "mission" began as a member of the group “Black Fist" 1999-2000. Unfortunately they were not the correct vehicle for his message, so in 2001-2002 he formed his own group, "Abidas Tribe" but again the correct medium of expression was lacking and it was time again to search for the correct path. Marco continued from these unsuccessful attempts to communicate his fight for righteousness and good, into a "Lone Rider". Alone with his message, he had only his natural family to draw substance from and in the great loneliness and isolation that prophets are born of, he has kept the faith hope and love that fuels his creativity. His GOD given talent, his one true source of substance, has never failed. All the intense spiritual trials that have appeared have also been vanquished so that his goal, dreams and destination may be achieved in our lifetime. Finally in 2002, recognition - The MC's fight night freestyle battling and press recognition, more development and in September 2005 RAW released his first single and music video, entitled - GOD. In 2008 the music video O.D. 98 a collaboration with the Moroccan "IDOL" winner Mona Roukachi. This very successful video was showcased on MTV, The Voice TV and other video outlets in addition as part of a CD compilation released in New York City, New York USA - "Let Me Be Heard". In 2011 he participated on Norway got talent, were he reached the semi-final, touching the norwegian people with a song to his son. In the following year 2012, he got the main role as Bob marley, in a concert theatre called "The Legends" played at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and later also at Nordic Black Theatre. He performed the same role again in 2013 as Bob Marley at Nordic Black Theatre.

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