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Kool Focus

  • Jun 14, 2019
    • Hip-Hop
  • Solo artist
Kool Focus
  • Hip-Hop
Type Solo artist
Country United States
  • English
  • Recording
Chris H, better known as Kool Focus defines the true meaning of hip hop in its purest form. Born in Chicago IL during some of the cities highest murder rates, Street gangs & poverty stricken neighborhoods. His mothers decision to relocate to Lansing MI. To get away from all the Violence. Since 15 years old he's used music as his voice for the people. He speak the truth, no matter how controversial. He opened up for major artist in Atlanta GA & Miami FL. Got songs withYoung Bleed (No Limit Records) & Lil Jay (Crime Mob). Get used to the name. Kool Focus is just getting started.
I Hear You ft. Lexy
Get Lit
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