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Hamza Zeramdini, born on July 22, 1987 in Tunis, develops an early passion for music and the guitar. While playing mainly the guitar along with the bass guitar, he obtains his undergraduate degree in business management from the IHEC Carthage and undertakes musical studies at the National Conservatory of Tunis. His love for the classic guitar gives way to a love for jazz which he discovers at the Couleurs Jazz Festival at the Arab and Mediterranean music center Ennejma Ezzahra (Le Baron D’Erlanger). At the Baron D’Erlanger, numerous classes, trainings and workshops have allowed Hamza to become familiar with harmony, musical composition, music writing as well as new techniques for guitar playing. Hamza has been an active player in the Tunisian Jazz scene ever since, playing with internationally renowned artists: Fabrice Allemane, Pierre Vaiana, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Fawzi Chekili, Todd Bashor, Chris Bayers, ... He is representative of the successful, talented first generation of young musicians trained at the Ennejma Ezzahra jazz school founded thanks to a Tunisian-Belgian cooperation. He made music courses abroad several times. The young musician has participated in various international music training programs and played in several local and international festivals such as the Hammamet Festival, The Carthage Festival, Musiquât (Tunisia), Dima Jazz (Algeria), The World Shakespeare Festival in 2012 (England) , East Meets West (Germany), Jazz à carthage, International Festival of Theatre (Baghdad), bienal theater festival in Sao Paulo (Brazil) ... He has additionally played in several projects such as Kesang Marstrand’s Band, Jawhar Basti’s Band, Tunisologie, A Bloody History (a play) and worked closely with renowned local and international artists like jazz musician Fawzi Chekili and jazz singer Alia Sellami. In 2012, he embarks on his own project: The Sound Painting Project. He is also a founding member of the association Jazz Club de Tunis which has been promoting jazz and live music in Tunisia since 2011. His harmonies and phrasing are inspired by his passion for jazz and improvised music, which remains widely open to various ethno-cultural influences, particularly the richness of Arab and North African modal music Maqam, and the rhythms of Stambali and Arab-Andalusian music. Hamza Zeramdini’s musical alloy is the product of countless encounters with musicians from different musical languages, marking the birth of an authentic musical identity rich with these influences. Over the concerts, Hamza Zeramdini has matured and in 2012, he ventures into experimentation and builds his own identity with his original creation, "Sound Painting Project.” The project is composed of original compositions and other traditional songs reworked, an intoxicating sound cocktail of jazz influences and a diverse ethno-cultural background without falling into typical orientalism. Building on a contemporary aesthetic of a neo-traditional character, Hamza Zeramdini ventured to revisit the Arab-African songs that have marked him since childhood, hence the originality and diversity of his renderings. The year of 2012 thus saw the culmination of a phase of authentic creation with for instance the artist’s version of Baba Bahri, a Tunisian song of the Stambali genre, which conquered the audience at the festival Jazz à Carthage.

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