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                                                        Anthony  "Tonyo" Summers                                                                                  Dependable Strength      1990-2003 Worked as a performer, producer, songwriter,dancer, choreographer for the #1 premiere production company in the NW at the time known as Winetime Productions. Tonyo help deliver and shape the style of the team which included Kevin Gardner and Mr. Robert Redwine (The Visionary) by bringing a different type of energy which the NW had not had before. One of the best performers ever the Winetime family had performed with some greats like E-40, Troop, Tony, Toni, Tone and Sir Mix a Lot to legends like Parliament Funkadelics, Roger Troutmen and Zapp and town favorite Leon Hendrix brothe of the Legendary Jimi Hendrix.  Winetime set Tonyo up in the game as we became one of the top production houses and live funk and Hip Hop bands around. Producers of Gold and Platinum artist like E-40, The Clicke, Celly Cel, B-ligit, Rodney o and Joe Cooley to Club Nouveau, Mac Mall a more. The Winetime Family was rolling strong. ​1997-2005 As Tonyo the Artist developed in 1997, a deal was structured with a label out of LA called Epicurean Records in 1998. Epicurean Records released a Tonyo single called PHD (Playa Hata Degree) where did you get yours. ESPN jumps on board by often saying the song catch praze  in there comentary "Where did you get your phd... playa hata degree. The song is released in 1999 hits billboard charts peaking at # 15. The video reached the top charts in several areas throughout the US. The owner of the label Demitri Cameron became very ill and passed away in 199. The song continues and has a life of its own. In January of 2000 issue of Billboard Magazine naming PHD the 44th most popular song of the year. During this time Tonyo is performing all over the west coast with the likes of E-40, Kc-Jojo, B-ligit, Mix a Lot, Jt Money and more. Tonyo and Winetime also appear on several soundtracks such as road dog, sensless, aftersex and dangerous ground. The HBO special series "Arliss" picks a Tonyo which feat. Tupacs group Thug Life/Outlaws. Tonyo continues to grow in all facets of the business of music. 2005-present  With a growing recording studio,video and film Summers starts Direct Supply Entertainment and Direct Supply Records. Tonyo take on Key Element and Kevin Gardner. In 2008 Tonyo secures distribution with Leo Roger/catalog lic, Bungalo and Universal. They then place song on top Urban Network compilation with Artist like Mya, Lil Wayne, Swiss Beats, Carl Thomas and more while working on a videos and a movie project with Kala Films. During this period Tonyo has booked events for his artist which has performed with the likes of Too Short, Fat Joe, Raz B of B2K, Rocker Mickey Avelon, Peety Pablo, Skeelo and more. Tonyo has  hosted parties, promoted concerts and a radio personalty for popular radio show with Music Inner City. Summers and Direct Supply Entertainment is currently working with Skeelo Music, Whateva OKay and distributed by RED and Sony Music Group. We have released a classic holiday album with DSE artist TABI, NIVEL, Direct Supply and Kevin Gardner to start things off and in the future plans on releasing multiple singles, albums and videos. TJS ​ ​

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Direct Supply Records Direct Supply Records was created in 2005 to represent artist that are unexpected, unappreciated and often overlooked. These Artist possess a strong ability to perform with a energy unlike all others. They bring a great love, dedication and passion for the art of music and its rich history. Direct Supply focuses on developing talent at the grass roots level and educating its artist on the music business so the transition from artist to executive is one of ease. Created by Tony Summers, the independent label recognizes the struggles of the hungry, talented but humble artist/groups. Unlike other record labels, Direct Supply Records is committed to developing the totality of the artist. It provides attention and direction on the musical, financial and business knowledge ranging from Production, Writing, Engineering, Tracking, Mixing and Mastering to Grooming, Training , Investing to teaching of the Music Business in regards to personal enhancement of copyrights, proper affiliations, publishing, royalties and more. Promoting longevity and success in life is the reason why Direct Supply has a small roster of artist. The Individual is more important than a mass production of talent. DSR focuses on the people that connect with the music and not on the politics of business. It gets the pulse of what the music audience wants by streaming music and digital street teams in the neighbor hoods on the net and the clubs. The positive feedback for change is the fuel for Direct Supply Records=s creativity. Summers for years featured as Artist with Winetime Production and later as a producer has enjoyed success with Kevin Gardner and Redwine and with his own solo hit single PHD which featured legendary Comedian Actor Dolomite in 1999 and 2000 (peaking at #15) on Billboard hot rap singles. This song stayed on the charts for 26 weeks. Due to the untimely death of Demitri Cameron CEO of Epicurean Records the label fell apart and would never release the highly anticipated album. Summers committed himself to learning every aspect of the music business from complete production to the business of music. Summers and company has invested in Recording studios, Live equipment, Video equipment and more while working on his craft and learning the music business thus starting his own label. Direct Supply expanded the vision and the talent of a few artist. Summers is the Catalyst for Direct Supply and brings all elements together and works the project with his team. Summers the Management team which consist of Thaddius Cannon, Rickey Toms, Jr. Kennard Julien, Dave Jimenez, Richard Lowery and Thomas Williams and staff personally work with the artist to ensure each project meet is done to its fullest. Uniquely, Direct Supply offers higher percentages to the artist more than other independent label as artist invest into themselves and are held accountable for their success just as much as the label. They in turn learn all facets of the music business not just how to be an Artist but how to grow their business. These things offset the expenses of a signing bonus. This speaks to the commitment of the artist with Direct Supply Records, they believe in their talent, in their project and the guidance of their label. The Record label is committed to the success of the project which will lead back to the community in the form of a complete artist movement thus gaining sponsorships of programs targeting the development of children. The mainstream radio ready hip-club scene is the target since these artists are traditionally dealt a bad deal and or under represented but now has a greater voice. Direct Supply Records, Direct Supply Entertainment artist has a different swagger and edge due to the unique blends of artist /producer/educator which creates a sound and relationship like no other. The sound of DSE is known as Addictive.@ Once you see it or here the sound…let it sink in and don’t pre judge you will love it and become Addicted thus “Addictive Music.” Direct Supply Records will simultaneously cultivate this sound while slowly building a roster of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggaetone, Pop,& Rock artist that brings their own style and angle. The future is bright. Yet as the label grows, the guts of it will always be up front, a strong edge with a different sound, focus on