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Voice Artist (Singer, Narrator, Actor) & Sound Engineer Repertoire: Classic jazz, pop, rock, folk, choral music, Italian music, traditional Russian songs, Gypsy romances, original (own) songs, singer​-songw​riter style music. Music education and training: 1983-85 Piano lessons, Music Conser​vatory, Kazan Russia 1987 Jazz and rock guitar lessons, Jazz School, Kazan 1988 Classic vocal lessons, Music Conser​vatory, Kazan Band leader experience 1985-1990 Rock-n-roll band “Hobbit”, Kazan Russia 1994-1998 Gospel band “La parola”, Trieste Italy 1999-2001 Gospel band “Peculiar People”, Durham NC USA 2001-2002 Rock band “Beyond the Curtain”, Durham NC USA Jazz singer experience 2008 recording a piano-vocal album with Sergey Sokolov, Helsinki Finland 2008 performing with Helsinki Trio, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Finland 2009 “Jazzy Romances” program by Sergei Sokolov (with Kaisa Kulmala on the piano) 2011 “The Beatles – Only Jazzed-Up” live performance program by Sergei Sokolov Choral music experience 1984-1987 soloist and choir singer (soprano) at Children’s choir, Kazan Russia 2001-2003 bass singer, Orthodox Church choir “Holy Transf​igurat​ion”, Raleigh NC USA 2003-2008 bass singer, Orthodox Church choir “Holy Trinity”, Helsinki Finland 2005-2008 bass and baritone singer, “Blagovest” ensemble lead by L. Ridal, Helsinki Finland Songwriter activity 1986-2002 writing and performing songs in Russian, in a variety of styles (folk/bard, rock, jazz) 1994-1998 writing songs in Italian, performing alone or with the band; recording one album 1995-2002 writing songs in English, performing with bands; recording a number of albums 2003-2015 writing songs in various languages in Finland; recording a number of albums Session musician experience 2012 Invited lead vocalist on the studio album with occasional promotional perfor​mances, S. Sokolov and A. Lantsov (album arranged and produced by A. Gvazava) Sound engineer and producer experience 2002 Recorded and produced S. Arno’s album “Stars​-and-S​tripes Songs” (USA) 2004 Recorded an album by “Blagovest” ensemble lead by L. Ridal (Finland) 2006 Recorded an album by “Shmel” folk-band lead by R. Berklund (Finland) Narration and voice-over experience 2012 Audio-book “The Day Turns to a Night” based on F.Tyut​chev’s poetry (Reader) 2013 Audio-book for Children “Tutta Carlsson and Ludwig the Fourteenth” (Narrator) 2014 Audio-drama based on Shakes​peare’s Sonets “Dwell in Lovers’ Eyes” (Reader) Awards and honors 2007 Laureate prize at “TOPOS” singer​-songw​riter contest, Saint-​Peters​burg Russia 2009 Third place in the all-Finnish round of the “Best New Song in the World” contest 2013 First prize at the Intern​ational Readers Contest “Poetry in Voice”, Riga Latvia

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