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About my band :Kurna Chata "You praise that of others but fail to cherish what you possess"- Stanisław Jachowicz (1796 - 1857) Members of the band „Kurna Chata” derive their artistic inspiration from the Polish traditional music of different regions - it is found in old recordings, song books and ethnographic descriptions. They realize their fascination with 'regional tunes’ through the coverage of original folk themes and composition of their own songs inspired by folklore. We would like to highly encourage event organisers to take advantage of this unique performance opportunity. Kurna Chata does a brilliant job on a variety of events, be it a small club gig or a big outdoor event. about my second band : Rzepczyno : RZEPCZYNO is one of the most interesting Polish bands; they combine a specific sound of folk music with the energy of rock. The band has a superb way of reinterpreting traditional folk themes and adjusting them to the form of progressive rock. The lyrics which are derived from the original folk tradition provide a springboard for a spontaneous artistic expression. The combination of traditional rock instruments of guitars, bass and drums, with violin and accordion, strengthens and enriches the band and gives them a distinctive recognizable signature sound. RZEPCZYNO created this distinctive style during the bands first years and is now sometimes humorously referred to as ‘agro-punk'. The band has performed many concerts throughout Poland and especially loves the audience interaction with outdoor concerts. Audiences obviously like the band, as expressed through spontaneous dance and exuberance. But RZEPCZYNO is not only received well by Polish audiences, their appeal extends beyond cultural and language differences, something that was particularly highlighted with the concerts in Berlin and Barcelona. The music played by RZEPCZYNO is a kind of mixture of reggae, rock, ska and traditional folk music of Wielkopolska (a province in western Poland). This ‘folk of lowlands' – in contrary to the music of the mountains – was not well known and used only in an insignificant way in contemporary light music. RZEPCZYNO's unique approach and expression of this style is their specific ‘discovery' and it's popularity is due not only to the strength of the music but also in the powerful lyric. It's the energy and joy that emanates from their songs that makes it difficult to be indifferent to a RZEPCZYNO concert. Critics too have acclaimed RZEPCZYNO's music. Some performances of RZEPCZYNO are particularly important. They have played in four ‘Woodstock' festivals and for the final concerts of a Great Orchestra for Christmas Help. In 2001 and 2002 the band played in Studio 5 TVP (Polish Television) in Warsaw, on the stage located by the Palace of Culture. In 2002 RZEPCZYNO took part in a great Christmas Concert with such stars as: Malgorzata Walewska - mezzosoprano singer, Marek Malejonek, Michael Black (Jamayka) and the bands: ‘Proletaryat' and “Voo Voo'. The concert was organized in Wroclaw and it was presented on Polish television on the 26th of December 2002. The previous year RZEPCZYNO was a guest of the ‘M2' programme, hosted by Wojciech Mann and Krzysztof Matrena. The TV channel VIVA Polska presented the video clip ‘Gajowy' (‘A Forester') promoting RZEPCZYNO's album ‘Nie Filozuj'. The album was recorded in Studio Q in Pila and released in December 2000 through Koch International Polska. Reviews of the album and concerts from ‘Machina', ‘Tylko Rock', ‘Muzykant', ‘Gazeta Wyborcza' etc are accessible on the band's website Touring, writing and rehearsing took preference over recording in 2003 - RZEPCZYNO gave 42 concerts during that year, quite a feat in a Polish market - however currently the band is recording their new album. It will be the result of looking for new sound possibilities, through the expression and stylistic evolution of the group. For promoters interested in bookings for RZEPCZYNO concerts, contact: Pawel Tomaszewski – mobile number: (+48) 503 100 157 or e-mail address:

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