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Tim was signed to Warner Chappell and wrote a Top Ten for D:ream and cuts for Gloria Gaynor and World's Apart. He also was signed as an artist and his band Baby June had a number of dance hits back in the 90's. He formed one of the wordls first online music portals called Songsforsale and now is building a Decentralised Digital Assets Exchange where fans can buy a share of a song.

Company profile is the music industry re-written. In today's world where are the publishers and record companies giving support to up and coming new artists? Majors are not in the habit of signing new acts on instinct and prefer to use stats, streams and likes to make the decision as to whether an act is hgood or not - ignoring the fact that these "likes" can be bought. will enable artists to have all the functionality previously provided by a record and publishing company including copyright registration, song registration with PRS, marketing, accounting and most of all enabling fans, friends and family to provide an "advance" by letting people buy a share of a song's future royalties.