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Horrible Nasty Disgusting

  • Apr 5, 2020
  • Alternative
  • English
Horrible Nasty Disgusting
Main info
Genre Alternative
Language English
Tempo up-Tempo
  • Serious
  • Energetic
Voice male
Author Howard Farr
Release date 2019
Release artist Henry Farr
Song Description
The semantics of language: the fetishisation of product.
Author info
The unifying factors of Henry Farr’s songs are energy and intensity - from the exultant pop melodies of ‘You Took Me Across The Floor’ and ‘We Dress Out’, to the restless metres and hyperactive strum of the caustic ‘Achilles Heel (Of Progress)’. The directness of these songs is typically borne from or describes conflict. {Mike Barnes, author of 'Captain Beefheart' and 'A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s'}
Horrible Nasty Disgusting
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Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 4/30/20 8:37 PM
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Geradin Foster 4/18/20 8:58 PM
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Achim Wierschem 4/15/20 8:09 AM