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I'm always looking out for new artists to work with. Please feel free to send me a message if you're interested in professional production or mixing of your music. Check below for a list of some selected credits.   EUROPEAN ARTISTS :   - MAGGIE AND MARTIN (Album mix)   - FANGORIA, 5 songs (mixed) , Spain   - DRY MENTION , Germany   - ANTWERP GIPSY-SKA ORCHESTRA , Belgium (eng/producer)   - MARC ALMOND , Variéte (album mixed)   - POW “painted on water” (Sertab Erener, Demir Demirkan)   - D.D. COLVIN , UK   - REDD , Turkey   - NIL KARAIBRAHIMGIL ‘09 , Turkey   - SERTAB ERENER (Otobiyografi, 5.1 DVD), Turkey   - KHALED HABIB, Sweden   - LOOPSTER, Germany   - SIMPLY RED (last 3 albums)   - DEAD 60’S   - CARL CARLTON   -ERIC BURDEN   - KHALED HABIB   - TUGBA OZERK   - FREEMASONS - Strings,Brass dubbing   - DEAD 60's Ghostfaced Killer ( "Neues vom Wixxer" remixx, movie soundtrack )   - MADNESS (Wixxer movie soundtrack)   - SUNBURST BAND ( dubbing)   - KATHY BROWN (Get Another Love, Strings recording )   - SIMPLY RED Stay , Simplified, Home   - ROOSTER 1 Live DVD   - NINA HAGEN BAND ( 2 albums )   - MORGENROT   - BEL AMI   - EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN   - DEPECHE MODE   - GEORGE KRANZ   - HAMID BAROUDI   - FAMILY OF FREE LOVE   - SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK   - TRIO   - DAVID SYLVIAN   - KEVIN DAVY JAZZ QUARTET   - MARC ALMOND   - NEAL X   - PJ PROBY   - SUSHIFARM   - SILVERFOX   - Kazumi Watanabe , Bill Bruford, Jeff Berlin - The Spice of Life Live '87 etc....   JAPANESE ARTISTS :   - TARO HAKASE - YUKIE NISHIMURA < Vitamin > HATS UNLIMITED   - GLAY 5 albums, DVD, singles   - JUDY AND MARY 3 albums, DVD, singles   - FUMIYA 1 album and singles   - ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI 1 album   - TOMOYASU HOTEI 4 albums and singles   - BLANKEY JET CITY 4 albums, DVD, singles   - NATURAL CALAMITY 1 album   - PLASTICS 1 album   - BOOWY 3 albums   - COMPLEX 2 albums and singles   - GOTA   - YMO   - ROSSO   - KENICHI ASAI   etc....

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Michael Zimmerling Tonmeister / Recording Engineer / Producer / Mastering Engineer Michael's vast experience in all types of recording and mixing made him a very demanded specialist for the "difficult" jobs in the business i.e. Studio & Live recordings and mixing, live Broadcast, Strings Brass, Orchestra and Choir recordings ... 30 years in the music business Michael started his career at HANSA TONSTUDIOS BERLIN as an assistant engineer. After 5 years of studying all tricks and tools of the recording trade he became a freelance Recording Engineer / Mixer. In the mid 80's Michael was in such high demand by the Japanese music scene that he moved to Tokyo to enhance his knowledge of newest technologies and being right at the pulse of techno pop/rock. During Michaels seven years in Japan he became the most requested engineers of the Japanese Pop and Rock scene which resulted in over 150 albums alone (incl. over 50 Top Ten Hits) and numerous Gold records. In the beginning of the 90's, London became Michael's new base. His multi cultural music knowledge as well as technical sense combined with his own unique equipment collection made it possible for him to feel at home in studios around the world.