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I have been playing saxophone, clarinet and flute for many years in my own band projects as well as in different big bands. I have experiences in jazz, blues, soul, commercial dance music as well as in classical music. Stylistically I feel connected to jazz, blues and soul. For several years now, I compose and play various titles with trips in techno music. Commercial success with your own music is a wonderful dream, but the fun, the joy and the playfulness are in my focus. That is why I am looking for interested newcomers who are interested in joint composition projects and improvisations. In particular singers, singers, songwriters, keyboarders and guitarists. I'm looking forward to any feedback.

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For my arrangements and compositions, I also offer sheetmusic. Just ask. My technical equipment is semiprofessional. I use Cubase 9 Pro with a powerful DAW as well as a professional extensive VST library. One focus is on the composition and implementation of relaxation music as well as the implementation of hypnotic and meditation audio files. I use here, among other things. Binaural beats. I create and distribute among others. CD's and downdloadfiles from the health care as well as own music compositions of the relaxation and meditation music as well as entertainment music. My primary digital sales platform is As well as Amazon for CD distribution.