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Am Buschberg

  • Nov 5, 2015
  • Pop
  • German
Main info
Genre Pop
Language German
Tempo down-Tempo
  • Melancholic
Voice male
Author Karl Bonomeo (lyrics) and Lukas Bonomeo (music)
Release date 2013
Release artist Lukas Bonomeo
Song Description
This song we have submitted to the International Songwriting Competition 2015 Its a story about a young couple sitting on a hill, looking into the setting sun and watching all the airplanes flying around. Hoping that one day they will also be able to board an airplane and "fly into the world" (AKM registration: 8247225) for the non German speakers we have included the english translation of the lyrics here: So we’re sitting on the hill Look’n at the setting sun close to the radar on Buschberg as the evening comes on And think how many airplanes up there are just a dot on the screen while flying somewhere To the east, to the west And then over the sea And we imagine How nice this would be. Refr Yes high, higher they fly above the clouds all over the sky. Faster and faster flies also our mind leaving all our troubles behind. Oh if I was a bird Flying around We would move together Leaving the ground. and my eyes are hurt by the setting sun but I must continue to stare on and on. And you feel the same look to sun and moon, Hello you clouds We will arrive soon. As the sun then goes down To a cold and dark eve You look into my eyes Say come on, lets leave And then I wake up From my beautiful dreams There up they travel to Asia And we go home it seems.
Author info
Karl Bonomeo: Songwriter/Author Vienna/Austria and his son: Lukas Bonomeo Singer/Songwriter Musician Vienna/Austria
Am Buschberg

Votes and comments

Madam Tone Tasha
Madam Tone Tasha 8/13/16 9:32 PM
"gefühlvoller Text, schöne Melodie"
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 8/13/16 10:06 AM
Ritchy (Richard) Bergmann
Ritchy (Richard) Bergmann 5/15/16 11:47 AM
"Schöner Song voller Sehnsucht"
Gerhard Hosp
Gerhard Hosp 3/23/16 6:55 PM
"Toller Song der mir gut gefällt. Gruß Gerry"
Michael Schlatter
Michael Schlatter 2/5/16 11:50 AM
michael keintzel
michael keintzel 1/27/16 6:16 PM
"Nice song!"
Allen Johnston
Allen Johnston 1/17/16 6:00 PM
"Don't understand the lyrics but I got involved in the song and the emotion."
Jutta König
Jutta König 1/5/16 2:32 PM
"Feines Lied!"
Thore Tornado
Thore Tornado 1/3/16 11:39 PM
"Ein schönes Stück Austro Pop!"
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 1/1/16 6:12 PM
"Nice and natural feeling. Like Leonard Cohen..:-)"
jürgen vollmer
jürgen vollmer 12/22/15 8:16 AM
Alexander Mintchev
Alexander Mintchev 12/20/15 12:38 PM
Paweł Tomaszewski
Paweł Tomaszewski 12/15/15 2:10 PM
"exellent !!!"
Branko Bock
Branko Bock 12/8/15 9:46 PM
"Der Song holt einen absolut ab. Toll umgesetzt!!"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 12/8/15 5:21 PM
"Stimmungsvolle Romantik kommt sehr gut rüber !!"
Bogdan L
Bogdan L 12/8/15 10:50 AM
Rolando Belli
Rolando Belli 12/8/15 8:42 AM
"Schöne, gefühlvolle song !"
cesli vane
cesli vane 12/6/15 9:13 PM
"Inspiring song that opens a new window and might change your life..."
Rüdiger Gleisberg
Rüdiger Gleisberg 12/5/15 3:29 PM
"nachdenklich schön!"
Seth Hilary Jackson
Seth Hilary Jackson 11/29/15 10:22 PM