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Record Deal : Bitoroc Entertainment Cell number : 0609976061 Current projects: Batswana Dance Festival : Tselane & Sankatana : Letsema ( Volunteerism) Achievements Premier Youth Excellence Awards in 2010 in the Best cultural group category. Golden shield Awards in the Heritage Ambassador Category in 2013. Golden Heritage Awards in 2016 in the Voice Of Heritage Category. Inspiring quote There is more to life than watching people live it. Winners thknk constantly in terms of I CAN, I WILL and I AM. Losers on the other hand concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have done or what they dont do. Description of myself A pioneer in the music business,(relating with life situations and inspiring the young). I started Tswelelang in the year 2000 with only a handful of artists and people were not yet well aware and or privy to my intentions. From thereof i initiated the recording of my first album called Tshutshumakgala and some of the tracks in the album were listeners choice. I wrote and directed a dance stage play called Letsema the musical and i managed to feature artists from Botswana for the Letsema the musical tour performance which went out in every town. I managed to take Tswelelang to national artistic platforms such as Zindala Zombili, Cultural Calabash and Satma Awards. I also did a Tswana historical traditional stage play called Tselane and Sankatana

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Tswelelang was established in 2000 and it was formed with a sole purpose of contributing meaningfully to the enhancement of the performing arts given the proud record our province had lauded in producing quality artists from all genres. Tswelelang is committed to the creation of artistic performances in dance,music,poetry and musical theatre. Its primary focus is the people from rural areas who are seldom exposed to the mainstream entertainment industry in line with the services offered by the organisation. Our goals and objectives is to establish a platform from which artists from rural areas can showcase their diverse talents and creation of projects which can be sustained which artists can benefit from them in terms of creating employment for them. To secure the necessary funding to put up and perform proposed projects and to ensure equitable empowerment of youth,women and people with disabilities in all the projects undertaken by the organisation. Since it inception Tswelelang has performed at various events organised by government. We released our debut album in 2009 called Tshutshumakgala and many of its tracks were listeners choice at various radio stations around the country. The album managed to take us to platforms like the Satma Awards in 2009 and 2011 in the Best traditional dance group an Best Cultural Organisation Categories. In 2014 we release our second album which was also nominated in the Best Setswana Album Category and again in 2015 it was nominated in the Best setswana album category.