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Личный профиль

Hi, I have a passion for music and am constantly exploring different avenues in the music industry. I studied operatically with Dawie Couzyn for 8 years and I play the piano and guitar. I compose and produce my own music, which crosses many genres, and enjoy singing in different languages like Italian and French. I believe in the music industry and the people in it who follow their hearts and I enjoy documenting different musical life stories in video format. These inspirational chats are posted on my You Tube channel HeartBeatsSA. I run a music school and host events like live music chat shows and open mic/karaoke nights

Профиль компании

Musical Muse Development is a hub for the various skills I offer which relate to the music industry. I teach music (piano, guitar and singing) to children and adults, by creating lesson plans that are tailored to the individual. I also produce music videos, singles, albums and host events