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I am a music teacher since 2009. I am an independent music teacher. I established Music of The Heart Studio and manage the Studio. I am a friendly and patient teacher, whilst maintaining thoroughness with dedication and passion, always striving towards excellence. I strive to be a teacher where students can approach me regarding any matter, which motivates students and helps them to achieve their goals and work to the best of their ability. I am honest, trustworthy and maintain lesson time schedules and procedures with a strong work ethic. As for my individual music development, I strive to work myself up in the music milieu as a musician. I take initiative and develop my own music career with successful performances as soloist and am regularly contracted to work for orchestras/ensembles, both nationally and internationally. For my personal development, I aim to be open minded and am always prepared to learn and experience new methods and attempt and develop other faculties as well.

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Music (al) Matters is an "ad-hoc" group of musicians that carry Music Education close to the heart and enjoy performing and entertaining. Being free lance musician, I do contract colleagues to assist in certain performances/functions thus the strategy and planning of repertoire and other entertainment aspects like the venue layout for performances and acoustics is part of my responsibilities to ensure well planed and successful performances. With teaching music, I have experience in teaching music as extra curricular activity and as a school examination subject. Responsibilities include to prepare students for exams and to enrol students to external examination boards for example Trinity and ABRSM. Furthermore, running and setting up teaching and travelling schedules, communication with parents and students, planning of the syllabus, settling accounts and administrative management of MoTHS.