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It all started in 2009 where MC Cool held back in releasing his second album, Enhle’s - Read between the lines (Album) and Mr. Syko’s – Syko and friends (Mixtape) reason being he was still trying to master the art of being a producer. It never stopped him in releasing Young Cannibal’s first mixtape called ‘’Wrong Turn 1’’ though that had the massive hit ‘’Ngikhumbul’ ekhaya’’ and earned the artist a slot on the 031 sounds mixtape sponsored by the Bat Centre. In 2010 saw the company’s artists MC Cool and Enhle being called to perform at the 2010 FIFA fan parks in Durban, being featured in the KZN Music house Vezikhono Hip Hop compilation which opened more doors further in building relationships with huge event organizers, KZN Music House, Maltre Productions CEO – Malcolm Nhleko. Pushi Plan artists were getting booked in huge events such as NUZ festival, Durban Hip Hop festival which is now called Durban Hops, Ntuzuma Arts festival just to name a few. In early 2015 MC Cool was invited to perform in Johannesburg Gold Reef City – Lyric Theatre at the SA Indies event courtesy of IMEXSA and KZN Music Imbizo. At the moment the company is doing a tour around Umlazi promoting their award-winning album, which in future they see a huge success coming their way. The company’s only artists now are Enhle and MC Cool.

Company profile

A music production company that was established in 2006 by Popi Thelejane, Wilfred Thelejane, Ntombenhle Thelejane and Xolile Gaqa. In 2006 the company gained bit of growth into releasing it’s first ever hip hop projects with its artists were namely: MC Cool, Young Blood and L-Vinaz. These albums drawed plenty of attention in Umlazi and certain parts of Durban and they were all produced by Killer Bee Mawaza (Xolile Gaqa) who later on in 2006 also groomed youngsters around Umlazi to showcase their hidden talents through Hip Hop. Xolile Gaqa started building an organization called SGD (So Ghettonised) and improvising other skills within the company. Years went by as Pushi Plan promoted their artists in getting them platforms to perform and through conducting Hip Hop shows in Umlazi H section, where they had a weekly show every Friday. It was called ‘’Friday Hip Hop Festival’’ which lead Yo-TV in being interested to slot them for an interview. A year later (2007) the company launched the albums of their artists’ in Umlazi M section Community hall, which portrayed another stepping stone for the company. Pushi Plan and SGD formed partnership in helping the community especially the youth to stay away from negativity such as drugs, alcohol ect. Both parties were beginning to be approached by youngsters and elders requesting to be under their belts. Time went by which saw parties having 60 artists around them, from emcees, dancers, poets, graffiti artists, Dj’s to beatboxers. Three times in a week all individuals would meet up at the Pushi Plan residence for rehearsals, ciphers and Hip Hop discussions. Pushi Plan had only one producer who managed to make beats, record artists, mix & master songs that were getting airplay from local radio stations. In 2007 to 2008 saw the company releasing these mixtapes: ARTIST: Verbalize TITLE: Introduction Gwalagwala Span’ sam’ les Two Kings King’s castle Pushi Plan Project A Insane Mentality Accidentally unleashed Bone Kudala ngigudla Xolile Gaqa produced all of these mixtapes. In 2008 saw Xolile Gaqa parting ways with the company in good terms as another company called Afro-Beats Productions approached him and at that time he was also seeking greener pastures. Which in return MC Cool (Wilfred Thelejane) was compelled in learning ways of being a producer to close Xolile Gaqa’s gap. MC Cool held the flag with both hands that saw him producing a couple of songs, mixtapes and Pushi Plan’s first ever album that won ‘’Album of the year” at the Original Material Awards held at the Durban’s Playhouse Theatre in 2014. The same album that had an international feature from the United States.