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I'm a dude who has a pretty deep interest in music of many kinds. I am primarily a vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, but I also dabble in production, programming beats and synths, bass, and basically anything but drums. (I'm awful at drumming. Just... awful.) I'm currently playing guitar, singing backup, and programming keyboards in two bands--Best Not Broken and Of The Ocean Sea. Between these two projects, I've released five EPs of original material, and both are working on new records right now. I'm also working on a third project, which will have to remain a mystery for now! My main genres are post-punk and New Wave, although I like to incorporate elements of synth pop, shoegaze, ambient, grunge, Krautrock, goth, and just a hint of EDM. Basically, my favorite place to be is right smack in the middle of a contradiction: I love exploring that weird place where art and commerce intersect. It's occasionally uncomfortable, but it's the crucible in which all the best stuff has been forged, so I'll put up with the heat.

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