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A lifelong student of music, composition, improvisation, jazz, classical music and musical theater, Jeremy Kurn has emerged as a professional composer, arranger, music director and conductor. His business 'Keynote Musical' ( continues to grow it's new and returning client base, providing numerous audio and sheet music services to artists and students nationally and worldwide. Brought up in a musical world of strict convention and tradition, Jeremy spent an equal amount of time growing beyond its confines, taking upon himself an unconventional journey to find authentic sources of musical inspiration and a develop a voice sourced by years of travel, spiritual practices, experimental music and other non-musical passions such as mountain climbing, martial arts and nutrition. He has a deep passion to share with anyone who is seeking a life defined on their own terms

Company profile is the home of the business offerings of Jeremy Kurn and associated artists. Offering a range of services as follows: Audio transcriptions and engraving; Sheet music and song books; Arranging and orchestration; Composition and songwriting; Midi sequencing; Performance and rehearsal backing tracks; Score copying/digitizing; Studio tracks; Teaching curricula