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Hey everyone! I'm Julius "JUICE" Davis, JR., aka JuiceThaBlackBeethoven, and I am a Classically-Trained Pianist, a 3rd Generation Musician, Choir Director, Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Producer, and all-around Musical Everything!! I can write, composer, perform, produce, and play multiple genres of music, including (but not limited to the following): Classical Piano; Children's; TV/Film; Pop; Country; Gospel; Contemporary Christian; R&B; Alternative; Soundtrack; and Jazz...not to mention all of the sub-genres and Vintage versions/sub-versions of all these genres, previously bottom line is this.... I CAN WRITE, PERFORM, AND PRODUCE GREAT SONGS, PERIOD!!! Call'em what you want, label them in any way you want, goal is to CHANGE and RE-SHAPE the world's and the public's expectation (as well as the world's and public's definition of the words, "SONG QUALITY") that we can all learn to appreciate and expect the very BEST from ANYONE who WRITES and ANYONE WHO PERFORMS a song.....starting with ME, MYSELF, AND I.......

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