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Overtake Entertainment Group was established in 2011. We are a "new-age" entertainment company that provides full service branding, management and marketing services to artists, labels, management,companies and corporate brands.

Persönliches Profil

I've been fortunate to have represented a major smartphone company as the Director of Sales for their Sports/Entertainment division. Along the way I have worked with the biggest names in music, film, and sports and have established great relationships. I saw a lot of potential talent out there in music that was left by the wayside due to lack of exposure or poor management, and wanted to change that. I now bridge the gap with Overtake Entertainment, and lead artists down the path of the "new-age" road to exposure. It's a place that the labels know they have to play in, but haven't quite transformed yet. There is no quick path to success! In music it is all about hard work!!!