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Bizcuit- Change

  • Feb 19, 2021
    • Rap
  • Solo artist
Bizcuit- Change
  • Rap
Type Solo artist
Country United States
  • English
  • Recording
My song Change is about the pasting of my two sons and what i learned from it. Another thing its about is how we should all come together to help each other out.
Change (Dirty)
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Christine Reichel
Christine Reichel 4/21/21 4:14 PM
Reynard Thomas
Reynard Thomas 3/24/21 6:29 AM
Asoh Vincentel
Asoh Vincentel 3/23/21 12:55 PM
HILARY Statesman
HILARY Statesman 3/20/21 9:38 AM
Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 3/9/21 5:06 PM
Ronaldo chagas
Ronaldo chagas 2/25/21 11:02 PM
Luigino Sarcone
Luigino Sarcone 2/25/21 12:43 PM