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Began Performance career as pianist & bandleader in 1981 Began Composer career in 2001 Current number of publishers: 7 Current number of Record contracts: 3 Current number of ASCAP Works: 529 Current number of TV cue sheets: 120 currently earning residuals Currently 211 tracks on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 31 albums released since 1981, additional 100+ singles. I use a concert grand in studio and feature piano led compositions in my catalogue. I also work recording practice and recording piano beds for vocalists, other producers, and game producers. My studio is Protools based, I use Sibelious to develop scores & lead sheets and make midi tracks. I blend Midi and live recording, and sometimes use a breath controller to bring more life to samples. Genres include strict classical, blended new age/classical, slow ambient, groove ambient, jazz, fusion, instrumental pop, avant garde, and a variety of beats and bass & drum. I have filled Publisher requests for a wide variety of music- everything from “Blue Danube Trainwreck” an intentionally childlike version of the classic, to a vocal clone of Blue Moon for “So You Want To Date a Comedian” on ESTV in Australia. All my tracks stay in the can for several years. I can make stem driven timing edits, remix to remove or add parts, and remaster to meet strict guidelines. I primarily offer a wide variety of instrumental tracks for themes or underscore, and collaboration to add parts, arrangements, or compositions for other producers and publishers.

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Green Shadow Music is an ASCAP publisher dedicated to the compositions of Allan Stuart. It holds several hundred tracks at any given time. Mainly Green Shadow covers DSP releases, and moves tracks to other Publishers.