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The shadow of pain

  • Jun 6, 2016
  • Alternative
  • English
Main info
Genre Alternative
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Serious
  • Romantic
  • Soulful
Voice female
Author Chalam
Release artist Song is looking for artist and producer and publisher and...etcetera. :)
Song Description
Vocalist: Sabreen King Composer: Galen Breen Author: Chalam
Author info
I'm Chalam from India who loves writing songs like you do. :)
The Shadow Of Pain - full mix

Votes and comments

marie deperthe
marie deperthe 3/27/17 8:31 AM
Laurent Gelmetti
Laurent Gelmetti 10/31/16 8:55 PM
"nice ballad ! kinda Norah Jones feeling.."
Hugh Walker
Hugh Walker 9/12/16 8:40 AM
"Nice Song"
Marina La Valle
Marina La Valle 9/12/16 8:30 AM
Jermaine Millington
Jermaine Millington 8/23/16 6:35 PM
"nice chilled vibe, love the guitar"
Mimidhof 8/20/16 7:52 AM
"Great song.... good job & interesting subject..."
Bogdan L
Bogdan L 8/20/16 6:06 AM
Birgitta Haller
Birgitta Haller 8/19/16 6:36 AM
"Good job!"
Andreas Hecht
Andreas Hecht 8/2/16 12:42 PM
Becky M J Harding
Becky M J Harding 7/20/16 7:34 AM
"Absolutely delightful 😊 well done you!"
Paweł Tomaszewski
Paweł Tomaszewski 7/11/16 9:33 AM
Toni Funk
Toni Funk 6/30/16 1:34 PM
Mona Edwardsson
Mona Edwardsson 6/30/16 8:39 AM
"Oh beautiful Chalam, you just made my day! I love everything about the song, it is a song to fall in love with immediately - thank you!!!!"
Rolando Belli
Rolando Belli 6/24/16 6:49 AM
"Beautiful song and great production !"
Kevin Gullickson
Kevin Gullickson 6/23/16 8:21 PM
"wonderful voice! A very nice song, pleasant to listen to."
Jose' Martinez
Jose' Martinez 6/20/16 6:00 AM
"Lovely song. Nice work!"
Madam Tone Tasha
Madam Tone Tasha 6/19/16 5:47 PM
Rüdiger Gleisberg
Rüdiger Gleisberg 6/17/16 6:41 AM
Paul van Ackeren
Paul van Ackeren 6/11/16 11:41 AM
Michael Schlatter
Michael Schlatter 6/7/16 1:21 PM
"great song!"

The "abcd" song

  • Aug 2, 2015
  • Indie
  • English
Main info
Genre Indie
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Melancholic
Voice female
Author Chalam, Vocal:Juli, Composer: Gerry M Peters
Release date 2015
Release artist The song is a semi-finalist at the UK songwriting contest 2015...
Song Description
Angels send a promised one for you, but sadly watch him go for someone new. Cupid fights to hold back more tears, didn’t my man latch on to another for dear? Another dawn will knock on my door, bring more pain just like the ones before. Can time erase the lasting reason why, dreams have slowly withered away to die. A part of me dies in silence every day, burnt by his heart that rained lies to slip away. Can’t ask for one painless night when he’s drowned me in a loneliness that's breaking me. After he broke away I’m not the same, but I really can’t stop thinking of his name. Cold memories stay to haunt my mind, darkness hurts again with no answer to find. Answers are what I’m searching for, but I don’t find one in those hurting hours. Can’t heal my heart break every day, don’t god’s question souls that stray away? A part of me dies in silence every day, burnt by his heart that rained lies to slip away. Can’t ask for one painless night when he’s drowned me in loneliness that eyes hate to see. A part of me dies.. in… silence, every day.
Author info
Please take a close look at the lyrics; I have made changes to it after I received the demo from Gerry. It's simple & different. Please look up Gerry Peter's website for making grand demos, :)

Votes and comments

Bogdan L
Bogdan L 8/20/16 6:09 AM
Birgitta Haller
Birgitta Haller 8/19/16 6:42 AM
"Another good one! Keep it going!"
Becky M J Harding
Becky M J Harding 7/20/16 7:36 AM
"Nicely done and well constructed Chalam 😊"
Mona Edwardsson
Mona Edwardsson 7/1/16 10:05 AM
"A superb song with immediate appeal. Goes straight to the heart! It should have won the uk song competition 2015!!!!"
Kevin Gullickson
Kevin Gullickson 6/23/16 8:20 PM
"Very relaxing voice and song. Excellent production."
Rüdiger Gleisberg
Rüdiger Gleisberg 6/20/16 3:48 PM
Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 6/6/16 12:49 AM
jürgen vollmer
jürgen vollmer 6/2/16 8:03 AM
Juergen Lepszy
Juergen Lepszy 5/27/16 5:02 PM
"very great song, great voice, great lyrics, great composer.....!!!!"
Frank Schauer
Frank Schauer 5/16/16 9:19 AM
"Very nice ballad!"
Rainer Thielmann
Rainer Thielmann 5/16/16 9:04 AM
Björn Djerf
Björn Djerf 5/11/16 6:15 PM
"Good song"
Gareth Barham
Gareth Barham 5/7/16 1:34 PM
Karl Bonomeo
Karl Bonomeo 4/19/16 3:41 PM
"nice ballad!"
Michael Schlatter
Michael Schlatter 4/19/16 3:21 PM
"very nice!"
Denny  Lara
Denny Lara 3/30/16 2:00 PM
Susanna Lepianka
Susanna Lepianka 3/18/16 5:27 PM
"Very nice, soulful songbird"
Richard Bergmann
Richard Bergmann 3/9/16 5:25 PM
"Very nice lyrics. For me the sound of the song could be more "epic" and powerful Seems to me, that it could be a song for a musical. Tschüß Ritchy"
Tracy Woody
Tracy Woody 3/2/16 6:08 AM
"Nice Melody!"
michael keintzel
michael keintzel 1/28/16 5:49 PM
"Very good!"