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I'm a crazy fan of Iron man

  • 08.12.2017
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  • Счастливое
Голос женский
Автор Chalam
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It's a song for dance floors.
Автор информации
I've no cash, to pay my rent I've spent everything, my poor dad sent All I ever have, are bills to pay, always begging granny, to save my day. But I'm still a beautiful, babe in jeans though I've said good-bye to sweet eighteen You'll find me hanging out with guys next door, those losers work for peanuts at the local store. Oooh, Oooh, yeah, yeah, so who I am, what I am ? I'm a crazy fan of Iron man, Harry Potter and Lori Lieber-man. I eat, drink, dance, and act my age, but my heart is dreaming of a bigger stage. Repeat chorus... As long a you aren't, a dirty crook, you can send me a request, on Facebook. I'm not an easy woman, that you can hook, 'cos I don't only fall for money or looks. I paint my nails, every night, I'm a hot soul made, for the spotlight. I write, vlog, dance, I shout and sing, baby I was born, to do everything. Bridge: I will make it big In Hollywood 'cos I walk with belief In my blood. So stay in touch, with me guys, You'll learn to live a life and not a lie. Repeat chorus, thrice... Final part, twice... I will make it big in Hollywood, 'cos I walk with belief, in my blood. Lyrics by Chalam, Vocal & music by CustomAnthems, UK.
I'm a crazy fan of Iron Man , Master copy

Votes and comments

stefan will
stefan will 24.03.18 10:03
Michal Rutkowski
Michal Rutkowski 19.03.18 12:14
Michael Tavernaro
Michael Tavernaro 03.03.18 7:55
"Top voice, top arrangement!"
Nicole Stella
Nicole Stella 01.03.18 8:06
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 21.02.18 20:40
Keez MC
Keez MC 18.02.18 6:28
Orestes Escalona
Orestes Escalona 13.02.18 10:06
Petra       Frankl
Petra Frankl 30.01.18 7:52
Ralf Alwin Bremen
Ralf Alwin Bremen 25.01.18 9:58
"sehr tanzbar"
Georgina Hilton
Georgina Hilton 16.12.17 18:53
louis  lefrancois
louis lefrancois 14.12.17 16:43
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 11.12.17 9:32
cesli vane
cesli vane 08.12.17 9:01
"It looks to me like "Hollywood" is kindly taken for a ride - makes me smile - like!"
Friedhelm HOLZ
Friedhelm HOLZ 06.12.17 14:34
"Great music, but I also love your lyrics as well.... Friedhelm"
Fil Schuldes
Fil Schuldes 05.12.17 15:39
"great song! the hook could have more feeling from the singer ;)"
Twin League
Twin League 05.12.17 14:40
Frank Miedema
Frank Miedema 01.12.17 21:07
TomSki                    T.S.
TomSki T.S. 28.11.17 11:33
Clou Simon
Clou Simon 21.11.17 14:21

it's not strange

  • 01.06.2017
  • Кантри
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Ритм Средний темп
  • Душевное
Голос мужской
Автор Chalam
Релиз исполнителя Demo
Версия Песни
I share the demo cut and sung by my friend Galen Green from Nashville.
Автор информации
i wrote the song sometime in 2012. Galen Breen cut a beautiful demo for me. The word "bid" needs to be changed to "say " and the word "often " to "sadly " Please share your thoughts on the song. :)
It's not strange - demo

Votes and comments

Michal Rutkowski
Michal Rutkowski 19.03.18 12:16
Linda Kraus
Linda Kraus 05.03.18 11:33
"You catch the feeling"
Petra       Frankl
Petra Frankl 30.01.18 7:54
Paul van Ackeren
Paul van Ackeren 15.12.17 14:24
"I like this, especially the violin-parts! :)"
Ezekiah Rose
Ezekiah Rose 11.12.17 18:53
Klaus Porkert
Klaus Porkert 05.11.17 10:30
"Wonderful song."
Björn Djerf
Björn Djerf 05.11.17 8:58
"Beautiful 👍🏻"
SoUnD  WaVeS
SoUnD WaVeS 21.10.17 11:55
Catherine King
Catherine King 15.10.17 17:54
"this is lovely."
Fil Schuldes
Fil Schuldes 03.10.17 12:02
"just beautiful"
Mathias  Stenzel
Mathias Stenzel 23.09.17 9:29
"beautifull song"
Carsten-Joachim   Müller
Carsten-Joachim Müller 29.08.17 4:56
"Really wonderfull"
Oscar Avila Calvo
Oscar Avila Calvo 24.08.17 10:46
Ralf Kretschmer
Ralf Kretschmer 23.08.17 18:58
"its so nice..more pls!"
Frank Kozlowski
Frank Kozlowski 16.08.17 5:34
"Beautiful positive song !"
Travis Keithley
Travis Keithley 03.08.17 1:10
"Very realist music touching and makes you think deeply Brilliant song"
Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 31.07.17 1:14
Aleksandar  Zavišin
Aleksandar Zavišin 20.07.17 9:34
"Very nice song"
dominic ghanbar
dominic ghanbar 18.07.17 10:52
"so nice"

The shadow of pain

  • 06.06.2016
  • Альтернатива
  • Английский
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Язык Английский
Ритм Средний темп
  • Душевное
  • Серьезное
  • Романтичное
Голос женский
Автор Chalam
Релиз исполнителя Song is looking for artist and producer and publisher and...etcetera. :)
Версия Песни
Vocalist: Sabreen King Composer: Galen Breen Author: Chalam
Автор информации
I'm Chalam from India who loves writing songs like you do. :)
The Shadow Of Pain - full mix

Votes and comments

Eric Theiss
Eric Theiss 03.05.18 16:54
"Alternativ zu was?"
Sebastian Sylla
Sebastian Sylla 27.10.17 13:36
cesli vane
cesli vane 07.10.17 20:05
TomSki                    T.S.
TomSki T.S. 07.10.17 16:54
"Very good composition."
Fil Schuldes
Fil Schuldes 03.10.17 12:04
Christine  Reinold
Christine Reinold 18.09.17 5:57
"good feeling"
Konni  Selonke
Konni Selonke 29.08.17 12:22
"Wonderful, sad but also hopefully song. Love it"
Carsten-Joachim   Müller
Carsten-Joachim Müller 29.08.17 5:02
"if i could i give 5 hearts"
Ralf Kretschmer
Ralf Kretschmer 23.08.17 18:59
Carlos Hernán García Olalla De lellis
Carlos Hernán García Olalla De lellis 30.07.17 12:19
"Hi good music"
Evelyn  Giemza
Evelyn Giemza 10.07.17 18:43
Clou Simon
Clou Simon 19.06.17 22:48
Holger Biallas
Holger Biallas 28.05.17 14:37
David Havilland
David Havilland 27.05.17 1:25
"Beautiful song."
Andre Cabrita
Andre Cabrita 22.05.17 12:51
Marie Giambruno
Marie Giambruno 17.05.17 14:33
Peter Saltzman
Peter Saltzman 12.05.17 2:24
Michael Tyrone Boyd
Michael Tyrone Boyd 10.05.17 13:29
"Very nice!"
Kawaski Nelson
Kawaski Nelson 04.05.17 13:30
"Great song!"