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  • Nov 13, 2019
  • Blues
  • English
Main info
Genre Blues
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Soulful
  • Ballad
  • Serious
  • Groovy
Voice male
Author Professor E!
Release date 2018
Release artist Professor E!
Song Description
Love is a strong dish.
Author info
Professor E!’s musical-roots are Blues, Gospel, R&B, and, Funk. With the aid of his trusted engineer Professor E! has a way of blending music designed to hit you in the head and tug at your heart. Before you know it you have been philosophized - timed released lows and highs pulling at your soul. Now grab an ear full and get high on the Philosophy of E! by Professor E!.
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Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 1/17/20 2:42 PM
Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey 12/11/19 3:18 PM
Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 12/3/19 5:02 PM
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 11/14/19 7:37 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 11/14/19 9:15 AM
Chalam +
Chalam + 11/14/19 2:25 AM
"Beautiful! :)"