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I started playing music at an early age with the trumpet being my first instrument ini the 3rd grade. From there I played euphonium, and on to guitar halfway through High School. I studied classical guitar and theory/composition in college at Keene State (part of UNH). I was in a number of different bands through my 20's - played with the electronic pop band Kodacrome in 2012/13 - and most recently toured internationally with the rock/hip-hop band Dukes County Love Affair ( Right now I'm focusing on a new solo album that will be a collaboration with a number of other musicians I've connected with artistically over the years. I would love to connect with more people in the Northeast and beyond to collaborate, record, and network to keep pushing my musical endeavors forward.

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TPS (The Print Shop) is a recording studio I created on Martha's Vineyard island off the coast of Massachusetts. It's one of the only commercial studios on the island and has been in business for over 3 years (though I've been engineering/recording for 10). We would love more artists/bands to come to MV more often, especially in the off season (Fall-Spring) to enjoy the solitude, beauty, and relaxation the island has to offer this time of year. It's a perfect place to come and create. Currently TPS is actively recording, mixing & mastering a number of different styles including rap, hip-hop, singer-songwriter, electronic, rock, choral music and more.