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The contemporary rock band EARLY RISING was formed in 2006 by two brothers Mick and Zee in Tampa, FL. Mick began drumming at age five and is trained in various styles of music. He recorded and performed with Tarantula, Romeo and Hard Times before teaming up with his brother. Zee began drumming at age eight thanks to his brother’s influence. He later worked as a co-producer and co-manager for his brother while studying guitar and song composition. Zee and Mick are writing all songs for “Early Rising” with help of music veteran songwriter Larry LaFalce, who had been worked as a songwriter for Atlantic Records. The brothers hired Jody Gray to join them on bass, Gray is also the owner of Prostar Recording Studio. The remaining band members are all professional paid studio musicians who contributed their unique performing talents culminating in a truly explosive sound. Music is hard and guitar-driven but also melodic without the harsh, mountain-man vocals that plague many modern Rock bands. Each song has a life of its own,reflecting thoughts and emotions of the world around us. Our objective was to produce a sound that is universal and can speak to anyone.. Songs like “You Can’t Stand Alone” and “Fly With the Wind” are great examples of our philosophy

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EARLY RISING was formed in 2006 by two brothers Mick and Zee in Tampa, Fl, USA. Mick and Zee are songwriters for all band's songs with help of veteran musician/songwriter Larry LaFalce. Larry had been working for Atlantic Records as a songwriter. Mick is also the drummer and Zee is ritham guitar player. The rest members of the bend are hired great musicians who are working at the pay base. The reason why the rest members of the band are hired is because to avoid future band's problems, such as egos and black mails, when band start climbing up in music industry, (that is common thing why most of bands fall apart when they reach higher position in music industry).