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Best known for his work in his band Bipolar Echo, Kevin Wale is the guitarist that multi platinum producer Beau Hill refers to as having "perfect intonation and vibrato with a great sense of rhythmic and melodic flow" in his solos, placing him in league with some great Hill produced players, which isn't so surprising considering the huge influence both Reb Beach and Kee Marcello have had on Kevin's playing. Indeed, the great Steve Lukather kindly raved "NICE!!! Really good man. You have a great sound and touch. Tasty playing!!" Such praises can be attributed to Kevin's love for Brian May, a former teacher's challenge to learn Gary Moore's "Still Got The Blues" note for note, David Gilmour's heavenly tone and countess hours learning how Joe Satriani, Nuno Bettencourt, and John Petrucci play through chord changes. As a guitar player who can sing, Bipolar Echo's live vocals regularly impress audiences, while making Kevin a valuable addition to any project, always filling two positions at once. From the beginning, jumping on his bed, playing air guitar, and singing along with his record collection, Kevin grew up to the sounds of everything from Queen, Styx, and Kansas 70s hard rock and the guitar gymnastics of post Van Halen 80s rock to the jazz influenced RnB greats such as Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. His broad tastes in music are reflected in Bipolar Echo's blending of groove, metal, and pop melodies, as well as the wide ranging styles of projects he finds himself involved with.

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Bipolar Echo is a modern rock band, fusing anthemic melodic hard rock, metal, and an occasional touch of prog, and they have earned a reputation as a band that will satisfy even the pickiest of audiences. Even the legendary Steve Lukather raved "NICE!!!" and labeled Echo as a band with "all the sh#t together." With the help of producer Beau Hill, who mixed Echo's debut EP "Weird Days" and most recently two brand new songs "Watch Me Fly," and "Fade Away" the Echo are capturing the attention of labels (featured on Roadrunner Recrods' SignMeTo Winter Sampler,) publishers (Michael Davenport,) and radio personalities (Ted Stryker) alike. Whether opening for REO Speedwagon in front of thousands, Headlining the Barta Bash, or rocking a club, the Echo is equally at home. The EP "Weird Days" is available on most major digital download outlets including itunes and Amazon with new songs "Watch Me Fly," and "Fade Away" also available.