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Jarvis Davis (born February 1 , 1992) better known as the stage name Young Ceo Da Ryder is a American recording artist. He love to rap , play sports and write music. He has a passion for many things and love to do many things. Jarvis began rapping at the age of 8. He attend C.f. Vigor High School in Prichard , Alabama. At the age of 16 he made his first song called "Magic". At the age of 18 he began to collaborate with other indie artists. In 2010 He drop his hit single "Wifey" he but it on "" it was on the hip hop chart at #1 and was on the top 20 on the Genre chart. He made the Remix later on and it got on the top 15 on the hip hop charts. Then him and his cousin Li'Head Da Juvie began the music group "Young Cash Boyz". In 2011 He went solo after Li'Head Da Juvie was locked up. He made over 4 mixtape im 2011 also made a collaborating mixtape with the rapper 4ek. I'm dedicated to my music and want to make it big in the music business. Alot of people write music about money , car , clothines , hoes, and weed. I write music about life(not my music but what goin on in people life. sometimes I do write music about them these I just list but that what the people wanna hear. But I'm change that and let people hear stuff that's real not the things that fake. I got a movement called "WhoIsDaRyder" its basically saying who is Young Ceo Da'Ryder. I'm also tryna gain enother information about the music business so I can start my record label called"YCB(Young Cash Boyz Entertainment)". I come across of alot of talent unsigned artist from band to singer to rappers. I'm also looking to collaborated. So record labels major or not hit me up if you looking for the new big thing. also follow me on twitter @WhoIsDaRyder and like my fan page check out my music to thanks hoping to hear from you unsigned artist for collaborations and hoping to heard from you managers for management and really hopping to hear from you record for a record deal Discography: 2011:4 Tha Streets 2011:Born For This 2012:#1 Public Enemy 2012:Night Spot 2012:Twerk Season

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