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Khromozomes, real name Ruvane Schwartz, is an American hip hop and electronic music producer born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Nurtured on the late 1970s and early 1980s rap music born from the block parties and streets of New York City and the 1970s jazz music from his father’s beloved collection, it wasn’t until the late 1980s and mid-1990s golden era of hip hop that Khromozomes became inspired to make his own music. During his senior year in high school, he landed an internship at Vinyl Mania Records in the West Village. While working there, he delivered music to the Freestyle and Hip Hop DJs of the record pools and received nearly the same advice from all those he came in contact with: “Just do what you love, do your music, let nothing stand in your way.” While earning his marketing degree from Baruch College, he began making music and interning at various record companies, including Columbia Records, Def Jam and Wild Pitch Records. Brimming with music marketing ideas and with his entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear, he began promoting campus and nightclub parties. The hard work and networking finally paid off. Within a year of graduating from Baruch College, various Khromozomes hip hop and trip hop tracks were featured on critically-acclaimed New Breed compilations, such as the Fat Jazzy Grooves, New York Hi-Fi and the Loungin’ series. This led to releases on other labels, including the Manic Vibes, Cold Front Records and Sugar Spliff Records.

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With the changed music industry, the Khromozomes kamp opted to engineer success through publishing and music licensing placements for himself and his artists in video games, feature and independent films, extreme sports films, television shows, webcasts, podcasts, mixed tapes and music compilations, such as BargroovesUK. Recent achievements include: FILM – Homies IV: Boiling Point TELEVISION SERIES – CW’s Hellcats – Before I Was Caught TELEVISION SERIES – NBC’s Life – Trapdoor TELEVISION SERIES – NBC’s Life – Crushed TELEVISION NETWORK FILM – Lifetime’s Flirting With Forty International DJ/producers also clamor for his music, creating remixes that have taken over the dance clubs in Greece and other European countries. Most notably, the Broken Girl and Empty remixes by V-Sag, Angel Stoxx, Evan Kay and DPen. Khromozomes As of late, Khromozomes has been very active in the studio, creating electronic and hip hop tracks. No date has been set for release of the album.