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Dont know how to start this...I've waisted a long time behind bars...Pride, Respect, or just the fact , that that life style was fun....Regardless, in the end it wasn't worth 7 1/2 years of my life i will never get back...I started writing when i was in douglas county really...hearing all the hood niggas pound on the glass and i was like i could be way better than that...i wrote poetry before so i started...Shit i had Nothing but time...Smh...I ran into alot of people while i was incarcerated...Hard ass spitters...They gave me advise said what i was lacking and i listened...( R.B , Ken Loc , Grim , J Rocc , King Tut , Gangsta foot , Lil Rob , Lazy Jaines , Nate Adkins , George Neberman , Johnny Doe , Nezbit ) If i miss some tell me and i'll put you on here... It was 7 1/2 years lol...and most the time i was in the hole for 6 to 8 months at a time waiting to get transfered lol...No p.c shit either...My stars n stripes got spine behind umm...But Enough of that sh!t...I am a spitter not a rapper...anyone can be a rapper it seems or they think they can...I talk about my life, my struggles, my thoughts...I keep it 100%...AND I RIDE THAT BEAT LIKE IM SURFIN -FOR CERTAIN- OBSERVE IT... Its the only thing i'm good at besides making babys i cant see or fucking up...I look past gang shit anymmore cuz it's watered down...really theres no purpose in it...This ain't the nintys lol...But if thats your cup of tea i aint mad atchya...I just want to make the hardest jams i can to rep for my city...They called me the truth in the feds...I'm just trying to prove it to these city streets what i could and can do.It's just the beginning...I'm just doing it legal this time so my ideas are like a warehouse full of boxed in mimes lol...Could u imagine that.i lost the studio and my house due to black mold..Found out i got Anti-social personality Disorder and stage 1 bi-polor no wonder ive been crazy lol , then found out i got minor lung desease ,but I'm still recording bettering myself,I am still working for this...Untill Omaha stands up i wont quit...I Breath ,Bleed and smoke O's for this city...One Love and Respect...Ghettobox Productionz is life

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Everyone starts in a ghetto box, lol. That plywood bed foam and the love. It's were dreams start, it's were music is just fun, were raw ideas and passions fuze together.