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Antonio McGlothin Sr (AKA TheMinisterr) Hello I am Antonio from HopeHop Multimedia. We are a not for profit organization focused on inner city youth and mankind as an whole. Located in Tulsa Oklahoma but sharing abroad with the arts,  music and love mixed with common sense we help envelope mankind with love. To produce a world we all can share! HopeHop Multimedia presents “I Love the Lord”, the highly anticipated newest single from "TheMinisterr". TULSA, Oklahoma - HopeHop Multimedia is excited to announce the release of “I Love the Lord” the newest single from recording artist TheMinisterr. This newest release from his hit album “One Night with the King” is an uplifting, positive track which encourages hope and love from people of all ages. TheMinisterr keeps striving to provide joy and love in urban communities through his use of Hope Hop genre. Using music to share the word of God, and bring hope to the masses, “I Love the Lord” is TheMinisterr’s single to encourage hope and love to his listeners. Fans of the previously released “Thank You” and “Church Boy” will find this single uplifting and another track to add to their playlists. Licensed and ordained in 1996 by the Michigan Baptist council in Flint Michigan, TheMinisterr fka(Minister Kaine) carefully constructs lyrics and music that bring the words of The Gospel to his audiences from East to West coasts. “I Love the Lord” is the next level of Hope Hop - and one that will not disappoint audiences of all ages. Visit all online stores to purchase the single “I Love the Lord”, and head to Twitter (, for all upcoming information and release notes for further singles. A portion of all proceeds goes to the WJM Foundation a 501c3 organization

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WJM Foundation 501 C3 Organization Hope Hop Multimedia/Thunder Recordings Tulsa Oklahoma “Hope for tomorrow while working on it today!” The WJM Foundation is a non-profit youth organization focused on the youth through music and spirituality through Christ. It was founded in 1996 by Antonio M. McGlothin Sr as a safe haven for kids to go to besides the streets. The foundation obtained its 501c3 status in the year of 2000. The WJM Foundation provides general education tutoring and self-confidence as beginning traits to reassure kids that no matter what their background is you build your own future. It is designed to teach the children that there is an alternative to television the streets, drugs, and gangs. Introducing them to music, books and sports as starting points to achieving greater success there are endless possibilities. Idle time ill will and violence is not the answer. Again we repeat, “Build your future”. Teaching kids and society our focus is to build positive citizens. Here we focus on communication to the inner person through Christ as a firm foundation, common sense and hope. One of the benefits of this is that we will begin to see harmony among our youth that grows along with them as they blossom into positive functioning members of society. Today is not too late and we can make it available to all people despite the demographics. Just imagine a wall of love to enhance our communities and claim back what is rightful to everyone hope for a better tomorrow while working on it today. Hope Hop Multimedia will begin programs in the communities to connect people with the proper services. In our communities today this type of help is missing. Connecting them with the proper tools will help them become successful. Statics show that services are available but the tools of connection are not there. That’s where we step in, using technology and old fashion word of mouth. Those affected and helped will begin to speak to others about the change taking place. Hope can be the driving force that can turn hopeless atmospheres into positive outcomes. We would like to thank you for your time! If you need any more information please call or email us at one of the correspondents provided.