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No stranger to studio and stage, Gaurdian33, (born as Edward Jones) comes from the emerald coast of Florida and infuses rich melodies in his Hip Hop and R&B soul/pop tracks. Gaurdian33 is a true auteur artist who sings, writes, produces, records, mixes, publishes, and releases his own music, which dates back to the early nineties. His renaissance like qualities and multifaceted abilities will become the necessary artist attributes for labels seeking to cut time and expenses and compete in the new digital download era of music. He has been known to have an album created, cut, and completely distributed worldwide through every major download outlet in less than a month, all the while handling all of the copyrighting and registrations with every pertinent entity known to music for collection of royalties (Ascap and Soundexchange) and performance tracking (Nielson BDS, Mediabase, etc.) with almost zero chance of a new release being leaked or bootlegged early. His music delivers the pain and parties of his life and it delivers a piece of him to the world. In an age where creativity has been crushed under the weight of the dollar, and the cost of presenting new music to the masses continues to decline with the increase of technology; Gaurdian33’s approach to his craft is swiftly becoming the present and future of music. Even though it is rare to find an artist capable of contributing talent to a collective effort and creating great melodies; it is an unequivocal anomaly to find one who pens every perception onto the paper, breathes every breath in the vocal booth, authors every element of the arrangement, and then solidifies every moment of sound in the mix-down himself to transform an extension of his personality into a tangible form and give it life.

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