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An all-around catalyst for Hip Hop with an undying passion for art, music, and literature. Primary area of focus are talent scouting & artist development, with an exceptional understanding of new technology (digital sales & marketing), social media management & how it benefits in today's music industry. Inspired by the digital era having experience in developing innovative campaigns, direct to consumer marketing, & grass roots strategies that drive brand and revenue growth.

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Ackrite Nation is a full service independent record label established in 2009 to bring Hip Hop a unique brand that is synonymous with artistry and quality. Since the formation, Ackrite has had a profound impact on establishing and guiding the careers of Independent Artist whose work ethic, craftsmanship, and talent provide a superior and diverse sound. As Hip Hop begins to crawl out of the mud and evolve into its next form, Ackrite Nation is set to lead the way with quality content and extraordinary artist. Roles & Responsibilities Included but not limited to: * Serve as Team Leader and responsible for the overall operation of the record label. * Manage Yearly Budget * Supervise all day to day operational tasks. * Development and Execution of all company promotional campaigns. * Discover & Develop new and established talent. * Business Development for strategic partnerships and investments. * Artist Management: negotiating deals, event booking, sponsorship, production, and promotion.