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I started in the music industry at age 17, as a booking agent for acts and Music Consultants Canada. Was not good at booking and really didn't like it much. During this time I was taking night classes to get me BA. My mentor Jack Raskin,took me under his wing and taught me the ropes on artist development. I worked for this company for 7 yrs. Then left & enjoyed life :-) Worked at Sony Canada for 2 yrs., then moved to the USA in 1998, where I started some yrs. later K&B Entertainment in May 2004.

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May 2004 – Present (8 years 5 months) Global K&B Artist Consulting/Management Company was formed in May 2004 in Austin Texas and we have changed and grown over the years to become a global company. We decided in Spring 2009 to change the name to K&B Entertainment to encompass the variety of our client's genres. The company has expanded into a team of professionals with global partnerships. The main branch of the company is in California we work with in the UK, Europe, Canada and the Scandinavian Countries. We are a full service Indie Development Company and we bring over 35 years of experience between our team of Professionals. We supply the necessary tools to our clients, Multi Media, Marketing, Promotions, Producing, Lighting and Sound. We focus not only on the developmental aspect of the artist we also teach them how to handle the other side of the spectrum of this ever-changing Industry. Through management, we develop the right team of experts for the individual artist or group. We strategically plan and maintain your goals, while always focusing our sights forward to maximize the best route for your career. We strive to maintain a flowing balance between the industries, our artist and aggressively seek new avenues for our clients. We offer a route to an experienced team of professionals that can provide you with suggestions or a strategic plan, to obtain your goals. We - Define Main Objectives - Long - Short Term Goals. Specialties: Promotion - Artist Development -Management- Personal Management - Digital Promotion. Member of the San Francisco Chapter -Grammy Association Member of Canadian Juno's CARAS