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BIO Fred Johnson III is a seasoned musician of over 15 yrs. Mr. Johnson is also one of the founders of the Long Beach CA, underground hardcore heroes (Frijas), and is currently the leader and founder of the new urban contemporary Country project (Thee Hollywood Cowboys). Mr. Johnson has toured Europe and the United States playing drums and bass guitar and has done session work playing different genres of music. Mr. Johnson has an interesting, family background in the entertainment business. His mother Pearl Woods (born Lily Pearl Woodard) on 24, September 1933 in St. Matthews, South Carolina moved to New York City in 1951. Pearl was one of the original hosts of the Apollo Theater in NYC. In the 50s and 60s, Pearl Woods worked with the likes of (Etta James, Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, Bobby Blue Bland, Jimmy Reed, Little Milton, Little Richards band – the Upsetters, The Wanderers, The Gems with Leroy Kirkland &orchestra, Horse Collar and the Funk 4, Aretha Franklin, Dion Warwick, and Sam Cook), She also has multiple writing, soundtrack, film, and documentary credits. Footage of Pearl can be found on Google. Fred Johnson Sr. was also a session and lead vocalist in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Fred Sr. formed his group (Freddy and the Sounds of Soul), Fred Sr. was also a part of the Gems featuring Pearl Woods With Leroy Kirkland & Orchestra with members (Doris Troy and Gilbert Monk). Fred Sr. was also the lead vocalist for the horn-driven 70s rock band (Archie Whitewater), which would compete with the band Blood Sweat &Tears for notoriety, and was the lead vocalist for (Jimmy Swaggart), in the 80s. Information about Fred Sr. can also be found on Google. Fred Johnson III Knows and jammed with a few people such as (24 – 7 Spy, Whitfield of Ugly Kid Joe, Reggie and Monkey from Korn, Maynard from Tool, Fish and Norwood from Fishbone, Rocky, Dean, and Mike from Suicidal Tendencies, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Vince from the Bus Boys / Sammy Hagar), just to name a few. In short, Fred Johnson III has and will always be able to do the musical job put in front of him and will continue to until and after he achieves the top spot of entertainment on his climb to mega country stardom status.

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Thee Hollywood Cowboys BAND MISSION My mission is to be a revenue Machine, the largest country band in the world surpassing the Rolling Stones, U2, and the legendary Beatles. To sell more records than the king of pop Micheal Jackson, to always win multiple Grammy's, Britt Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Peoples Choice Awards, etc, etc… To sell out stadium and arena tours every year. To be multi-platinum every album, to be the new Icon / Trendsetter for the music industry for years to come, and to finally end up inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. BAND VALUES Thee Hollywood Cowboys values can’t be measured by mere words...but there are three wonderful quotes that Brut Esquire Society takes to heart. 1. “It’s not the load that brakes you down… it’s the way you carry it.” (Lena Horn) 2. "Excellence is not an act… it's a lifestyle." (Quincy Jones) 3. “Difficulty break some men and mend others.” (Nelson Mandela) BAND VISION I'm embarking on an album and career that I know is going to change the landscape of not only Urban Contemporary Country music but the music itself. What does Thee Hollywood Cowboys stand for?...well I'll tell you my vision is of love, honesty, respect, and confidence. Thee Hollywood Cowboys will and does reflect high fashion, great health, high social status, wealth, being well-groomed, educated, being wonderful role models for children and adults, solid musicianship, awesome well thought critically acclaimed music, live shows that are larger than life and known as major events, successful in life, the largest urban Contemporary Country band in the world, true longevity, major award winners, humanitarians and last but not least philanthropists. In short, Thee Hollywood Cowboys will be the blueprint for up-and-coming bands and singers in the entertainment industry for years to come.