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Recording Studio   Remixer & Studio   Vocalist   Audio Engineer   Music Producer  

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Hi! My name is Jake Gakovik and I’m the co-founder of Supreme Tracks, a professional online recording studio, where I manage marketing and business development aspects. I am also a session guitarist.

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Supreme Tracks online recording studio is the right place for you if you need someone to professionally arrange, record, or produce tracks for you. We will make sure you get the highest quality music services, created by some of the top musicians in New York and Nashville. Since everything is done online, our prices are much lower than those which you would find in other studios. This doesn't affect the quality of your tracks. As a matter of fact, we have a pool of talented musicians and arrangers—including an Oscar-winner. Our goal is to help you make music that you love and that you’ll be proud of. We want major labels to chase after you, which is why we focus on quality rather than prices.