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Decarie Black, a skilled musician with a ten-year pedigree in the music industry, is a shining example of creativity infused with technical proficiency. His outstanding abilities in Music Production, Vocal Recording, Mixing, and Mastering have established him as an inspirational figure for other artists. Throughout his career, Decarie has developed an extensive portfolio of solo projects, each one demonstrating his unrelenting dedication to constant growth and adaptation. These works bear the distinct mark of his innovation and ability to fluidly traverse the many nuances of music production. Having graduated from Full Sail University, Decarie holds an Associate Degree in Audio Production. This formative experience was instrumental in cultivating his talent and shaping the trajectory of his successful career. A standout moment in his professional journey was his powerful collaboration with recognized artists Mr. P Chill, Cleen, and J.SMO. This track achieved global recognition and was even featured on the radio show of Legendary music figure CHUCK D, who personally introduced and played the song. This accolade from such a prominent industry figure emphasizes Decarie's exceptional talent and his ability to create music that deeply resonates with a broad audience. As both an artist and a graduate, Decarie Black continues his journey, ceaselessly exploring and redefining the musical landscape, bringing fresh and compelling soundscapes to life.

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